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One News weather presenter Renee Wright reveals her wellness routine: “You have to be kind to yourself”

The mum of three opens up about how she balances family life and her health and fitness.

For One News weather presenter Renee Wright, one of the keys for keeping health, family life and career in balance is learning to take things as they come.

“With three small children, there’s always a curveball in there somewhere,” she laughs.

“They all need help getting organised before school and we have our good mornings and our not so great ones. Sometimes I’m yelling like a fish wife! But we always have a good chat on the way and most days everyone heads off with smiles.”

At home, the daily hustle revolves around keeping Leo, 6, Giselle, 5, and two-year-old Arabella on track with their routines, and with husband Charlie out the door by 5am and not back until the evening, Renee is in sole charge of meal, bath and bedtimes.

It can be a wild ride, but she says staying active and making her wellbeing more of a priority is essential for keeping the plates spinning.

“I think you have to be kind to yourself,” says Renee, 37.

“It’s important to tap in to what makes you feel more relaxed, whether it’s a fitness class or going for a walk, and to make sure you do something for yourself each day. You can’t lose yourself in that mindset of ‘I’m a mum’ as this is all-consuming, there’s no let up, and you will get worn down.”

While boot camps were once her go-to, Renee now favours a slower, more gentle exercise routine, and swears by a form of alternative therapy to keep muscle aches and tension at bay.

“I love Pilates, as it’s about being aware of your body. The movements are slow but I find it so challenging physically. In your first class you think, what have I signed up for?! You’re working lots of little muscles that you wouldn’t normally use, and I feel stronger.”

But for the Auckland-based mum, the wellness boost she gets from exercise goes way beyond muscle toning.

“Exercise is such a big part of my day-to-day wellness,” she says.

“It’s those mental gains you get from it, and I think that’s what surprised me more than anything. The more you move, the more it helps your stress levels, and it just allows you to keep everything in perspective. It’s important to take that time for ourselves.”

To learn more about the wellness routine and the alternative treatment Renee swears by, see the October issue of Good Health and Wellbeing.

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