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Oils to ease allergy symptoms

Osteopath and naturopath Dr Bo Hendgen guides us through the best essential oils to ease seasonal allergy symptoms and boost immunity.
Do you get seasonal allergies? we look at the best naturopath essential oils to help

As we move towards the autumn months, the dry, dusty days and late-blooming plants can spark renewed suffering for those prone to seasonal allergies – leading to sneezing, burning, itching and irritation. The natural properties in pure plant products offer an effective, health-boosting alternative to traditional antihistamines and steroid-based nasal sprays.

What to use

Lavender spike, peppermint, eucalyptus Australiana, everlasting (immortella) and thyme thymol essential oils, plus lavender floral water and sweet almond oil.

Pure organic:

Lavender spike works to relieve classic allergy symptoms of congestion and headaches and fortifies the immune system. Peppermint opens up breathing, helps to ease congestion and headache and wards of infection. Eucalyptus Australiana is tonic to the respiratory system, helping to ease throat irritation and clear congestion.

Both everlasting and thyme thymol offer immune support to help improve your body’s natural defences against irritants as well as having decongestant and calming properties. Lavender floral water is a pure distilled hydrolate containing the water soluble elements of lavender true. It is gently cleansing and soothing and makes a perfect purified wash for sore, itchy eyes.

Prevention measures:

Pure essential oils can be used – along with good diet, exercise and vitamin C – in a general way to improve immune health before the symptoms even start. Create an aromatic, therapeutic bath each week by adding 3 drops each lavender spike, everlasting and thyme thymol. You can use the same recipe for diffusion in the bedroom, and add a drop each of the same oils to a teaspoon of almond oil and massage into the feet. Do this for a period of six weeks around the seasons when you are most prone to allergic reactions.

Quick fix for symptoms


Rub a few drops of essential oil into your hands and cup them around your nose to inhale. Use 2 drops of a single oil or a drop each of lavender spike and eucalyptus Australiana. A drop of eucalyptus Australiana on your finger or a cotton swab rubbed inside the nose brings instant decongestion (avoid if skin is raw). Another quick tip is to swallow a drop of peppermint in a ¼ teaspoon of honey – it can work wonders for nasal congestion and an irritated throat.


Inhale from hands 1 drop lavender spike.

Clean air

Anyone with regular allergy issues should invest in a diffuser or nebuliser that will disperse the oils around their living spaces and help to cleanse the air even before you breathe in the benefits to your body.

Adults & children:

Add 2 drops peppermint, 3 eucalyptus australiana and 5 lavender spike; replenish hourly.

Eyes too

Adults & children:

For sore, itchy eyes use a gentle spray application of lavender floral water (only use true organic hydrolate) around and inside the eyes. You can also use combination floral waters such as Eye Soothe from Absolute Essential. Or soak an organic cotton pad and place it on the eyes while you rest. For dark eye rings add a drop of everlasting to a little almond oil and gently apply to the area, avoiding the inside of the eye.

Words by: Dr Bo Hendgen

Photos: Getty Images

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