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Nutritionist and naturopath Jess Blair shares her tips for a healthy and happy spring season

Jess Blair explains how you can make the most of spring by eating seasonally and making healthier choices.

If you’ve been a little slack on the health and fitness front lately, don’t feel guilty – we’re all human and, especially during the colder weather, we tend to hibernate and comfort ourselves with thick soups, bread and lots of apple pie (just us?).

But now that the cooler months are behind us and the weather is heating up (very, very slowly), it’s the perfect time to get back into your fitness routine and make healthier, more nourishing nutrition choices.

Spring detoxes are hugely popular for this reason, but why have a temporary cleanse when you can create lasting, healthy habits that will keep you smiling all year round?

To help us shake winter’s grasp and implement productive habits, clinical nutritionist, naturopath and Wellness by Blair founder, Jess Blair, shares her best tips for eating well and nourishing our bodies.

What kind of healthy changes can we make to our diets now that we’re in spring?

Eating seasonally can really help with eating habits.

The produce is fresher, made for this season with the nutrients that are in the foods help combating seasonal allergies and cheaper more sustainable.

Nutrient-wise they often higher in nutrients as they have been left for full maturation rather than being picked too early.

Another great tip is to eat high quality nuts for snacks, I always take my Tasti Nuts with me as they are healthy, high protein and also perfectly portion controlled. Nuts have many of our essential vitamins and minerals in a dense nutritious snack.

What are your best tips for avoiding or coping with stress?

In times of stress we often reach carbohydrate-rich food and also sugar laden snacks.

In times of stress, eating a rich wholefood regime and plenty of good quality protein to help with energy levels staying sustained.

Another great tip is to make sure you getting enough sleep, as well as limiting caffeine and also alcohol.

Try to get plenty of good quality protein in your diet.

What are the best ways to keep our bodies healthy?

This is a question I get answered a lot, and basically my general rule of thumb is eating a rich wholefood diet, moving your body in a way which is positives but also making sure you are really looking after your mental health as well by managing stress.

I always say you can have the best diet in the world, but if you are stressed that all the hard work goes to waste.

What’s your secret for a good night’s sleep?

Routine! No technology an hour before bed, limit caffeine after lunch time. I have also found wearing blue light blocking glasses if I am working at night doesn’t interrupt my sleep patterns at all.

What foods should we eat to counteract the effects of…

Bloating: Managing stress, drinking enough water and exercise can help with bloating. But avoiding trigger foods, which are different for everyone but high fatty foods, such as chips and deep fried foods are often culprits with bloating. Add lemon water first thing in the morning or apple cider vinegar in warm water to start your day.

Tiredness: Foods high in quality nutrients such as protein and fats, so avocados, nuts and lean meats are great to combat tiredness.

Avoiding sugar laden foods, high caffeine foods and also High GI foods can cause more tiredness and foods low in nutrients.

If you eat seasonally and have a good regime of wholefoods, you will be getting the nutrients you need to combat tiredness.

Getting over a cold: Foods high in vitamin C, Kiwi fruits, oranges and lemons are great for colds and flus. Making sure you keep well hydrated and also foods high in B vitamins so green leafy vegetables, lean meats and some wholegrains.

Jess is a mother of two, wife, naturopath and clinical nutritionist who has recently moved from Australia to New Zealand. Her nutrition philosophy is based on helping people discover high quality nutritional foods that can be easy, convenient and delicious. You can find out more about Jess on her website.

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