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Man claims women on their periods should ‘control their bladders’

He sparked outrage in a row over tampon tax.

A self-described “meninist” has sparked an unusual online discussion after demanding women “control their bladders”, rather than have free access to tampons.

Ryan Williams, from the UK, shared his odd views on female anatomy on Twitter in a row about the tampon tax, which is currently a hot topic around the world.

Meninist is a a term often used to mock and criticise radical feminism.

The 19-year-old, who has since made his Twitter account private, does not think tampons should be free, and demonstrated an interesting grasp on facts about menstruation.

Ryan claims to be a politician and “youth adults spokesperson” who campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union in the Brexit vote.

The tampon tax is the name given to the name given to the debate around removing sales tax from feminine hygiene products, making these basic necessities more affordable to everyone.

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