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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s new age secret to staying young

The A-list couple are “all about that new age of living”, which involves some rather eyebrow-raising procedures.
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Katy Perry has revealed her and fiancé Orlando Bloom do “lots of enemas” as part of a new age health kick they’ve undertaken in a bid to stay youthful.

Chatting on the Australian radio show Smallzy’s Surgery on Nova 1069, the 34-year-old Never Really Over singer told the radio host about her experience with the Ayurvedic cleanse, panchakarma.

“I’m kind of into those types of things, like health and healing places and self-betterment places,” the hit-maker shares.

“Especially as you get older and you have longer hangovers and you realise the cells in my body are dying. I did this thing called panchakarma, it’s basically Ayurvedic eating and cleansing.

“You do lots of enemas,” she adds.

The engaged couple are all about “healing places and self-betterment places.” (Image: Getty)

Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient healing practice from India, has gained popularity of late, counting celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow as fans.

It’s even found fans within the royal family, with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall known to have followed the holistic practice.

The name essentially means “science of life” and its techniques which are thousands of years old are supposedly used to cleanse the body of substances that can cause disease and to balance the mind, body and spirit.

“You definitely feel more energy,” Katy says of the panchakarma cleanse.

“It basically gets all the c**p out of you, every pun intended. There are ancient ways to heal yourself besides taking a pill, which is something I always love to investigate.

“Orlando is very all about that kind of new age of living, for instance today we are actually on a bit of a health kick because we ate so many croissants when we were on vacation.”

Enemas aside, Katy also revealed she’s pretty lax when it comes to her diet, saying she’s by no means strict and is always more than eager to indulge in a greasy burger on occasion, especially while on holiday.

“I’m eating fruit and apple cider vinegar and later I may have a vegan meal but probably tomorrow I will have an In-N-Out burger,” she confesses.

“When you’re in Europe and you’re on holiday… if you’re gonna go to Italy, have some pasta, if you’re gonna go to France, eat a croissant, put some butter on it and put some delicious strawberry jams that they make and work tirelessly over, put them on your freaking croissant and shove it in her your mouth.

Hear, hear, Katy!

Meanwhile Katy and Orlando, 42, are currently planning their wedding, after the British actor, who was previously married to Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, proposed to Katy on Valentine’s Day this year.

According to a source who spoke to Bang! Showbiz the couple are planning a “modern and exciting” wedding and want to make it “a little different”.

“She is leaning away from wearing white and her family is doing their best to encourage her to be more low-key, but that doesn’t seem to be her,” the source reveals.

“This is Katy and Orlando’s day and they are going to create a special moment that best represents their style, which means a beautiful celebration of their love with the people they most care about.”

Adding: “They are so ready to start their new life together. Their plan is to have a close friends and family wedding in the fall, but are keeping many of their plans private.”

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