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Kate Cameron looks at the importance of positive thinking and battling food cravings

Find it difficult to give up those chocolate binges or think positive after a stressful day? Kate Cameron is here to help.
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The second episode of Keeping It Together With Kate is here!

Check out the above video for two new exercises to try, a lesson on how to avoid treat food and how you can think more optimistically.

Kate is on a mission to add more balance in her life: which means more exercise, a healthy mind and feeding herself delicious, nutritious meals.

This week former Bachelorette Kate Cameron begins by working out with personal trainer and founder of DediKate, Kate Ivey.

The two Kates head on down to Victoria Park for a work out.

This week we learn how to use everyday items – like trees! – in our fitness routine.

Kate Ivey walk us through exercises ‘one-legged balance’ and ‘press-up variation’ – they’re free, cheap and get you out of the house for some much needed vitamin D.

Next up, it’s time to train our minds to think more positively. Clinical psychologist Jacqui Maguire teaches Kate how to look for things to be grateful for and explains why this is wonderful for the mind.

Jacqui’s technique is something you may have heard about on Oprah years ago but is now a popular strategy in psychology.

Then Kate talks to registered dietitian Sylvia North about how to battle the desire for ‘treat or ‘sometimes’ foods (read: delicious but sugary products).

The solution? Sylvia explains you can avoid treat foods and giving into cravings by avoiding certain sections at the supermarket.

If you don’t have treats at home you can’t binge on cookies after a few wines!

Missed the last episode? Catch up on Kate’s first week – she looked at exercises to do post-birth, techniques to cope with stress and the benefits of leafy greens.

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