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Working mum Jessica Biel reveals how she fits workouts into her busy schedule: “You Just Gotta Do It”

The Sinner actress and busy mum shares how she manages to fit in healthy eating and exercise in her day.
Jessica Biel

She’s still got it! Jessica Biel is a proud parent to her three-year-old son, Silas, a loving wife to her husband, Justin Timberlake, and a phenomenal actress. So, with so much on the 36-year-old working mum’s plate, how does Jessica find time to fit workouts into her busy schedule?

“I actually love mummy-daddy workouts,” she told OK! about her and Justin’s exercise regimen.

“We’ll work with a trainer and just do different circuits and… cardio training.”

As a busy mum, Jessica revealed she tries to schedule workouts at “10 or 11 p.m.” She added, “Sometimes, you just gotta do it and fit in when you can.”

Fitness has become such a big part of Jessica’s life and her passion began with her love of playing sports at a young age.

“I spent so [much of] my young life playing soccer and jamming my knees, running and sprinting, and so many years as a gymnast gashing my body,” she recalled.

“I realised as I got older, I can’t keep this up. But also, I want that competitive element in my life in only particular places.”

Jessica doesn’t play soccer as much as she used to now, but she found a new way to keep herself healthy — yoga!

“In a yoga class, it’s really just your mat, your own practice,” she said but, sadly, the exercise doesn’t feed her competitive spirit as much as soccer used to.

“I don’t feel any sort of physical competition that I think you can sometimes sense in other workout classes.”

The Sinner actress hasn’t gotten her incredible body just from working out though — she also eats very healthy!

Jessica reportedly grills vegetables at home and eats well-prepared chicken or salmon while avoiding harmful foods for her body such as wheat, gluten, and dairy. “My digestion is better [and] I have more energy,” she shared.

Well done, Jessica!

Via our sister site Closer Weekly.

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