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How to trick yourself into eating healthy

A leading psychologist from Oxford University has shared his tips on how to trick your brain into healthy habits.
How to trick yourself into eating healthy

How to trick yourself into eating healthy

How to trick yourself into eating healthy

A professor from one of the world’s top universities has revealed his tips on tricking yourself into consuming less calories.

Professor Charles Spence, from Oxford University in England, states much of the eating experience is an emotional one, so if you can enhance the experience of the food to make the brain feel satisfied, you’ll have more success with weight loss.

“The more food sensations you can muster, the better,” said Prof Spence. “Stronger aroma, more texture all helps your brain decide when it’s had enough.

“Be sure to inhale the aroma of your food frequently, after all, this is where the majority of the pleasure resides. Whatever you do don’t drink iced water with your meals. It numbs the taste buds, plain and simple.”

Professor Spence is an expert in this field, and even has a book published on the subject, entitled Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating.

Weight loss is achievable by following the psychologist’s guidelines

So what are his tips for avoiding over-eating?

Split up portions

Cut into six rather than four – it’ll seem less manageable.

Drink water 30 mins before a meal

This will reduce consumption because you’ll have less space for food.

Eat in front of the mirror

It forces you to acknowledge the type of food and how much of it you’re eating.

Eat with people

This helps you to make healthier choices.

Eat mindfully

Turn the TV off, eat slowly.

Hide food

Anything you can do yo make food difficult to get will help cut calories.

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