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How to reset your mind on weight loss

Former The Biggest Loser Australia coach and founder of, Tiffiny Hall, explains why you need to stop defining your health and fitness success by the scales.
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Guys, come closer, I want to let you in on a bit of an insider secret… scales don’t determine how far we’ve gone in our health and fitness journey.

I know, it’s shocking! Turns out you don’t actually have to live your life by the scales, because they’re not as accurate as you think they’re gonna be.

It’s both important and exciting to be able to track your progress and the scales aren’t always an honest reflection of your stellar efforts.

The trick – besides throwing out your scales – is to reset your mindset.

You are not entering a 30-day challenge, this is not a diet or a boot camp, this is your lifestyle overhaul and you’re making life-long changes that are going to stick.

Embracing your new, happy, fit life means training the mind just as much as training the body.

Try these things on for size:

First things first

Grab your scale and throw it in the bin. Your weight will fluctuate more than the stock market and it does not tell the whole story.

Your muscle gains and sass attitude are not measured by those scales and you have no need for them.

Other factors such as hormones, weather, water can also affect that number, so chuck ’em.

Focus on the FIT not the FAT

Weight is arbitrary because as you train, you gain lean and mean muscle and your body composition changes.

You may not lose weight (on the scales), but you may notice notching up a belt loop as those jeans become baggy.

Focusing on fitness goals will enable you to feel great, strong, empowered and reap the health benefits (who would say no to glowing skin, more energy, weight loss and body sculpting?)

In the process you will take your mind out of living for a number and instead, live according to how you feel. It should feel great to look good.

You are a human person who gets to enjoy life

You are going to have days where you go off plan and that’s okay too. Use my three-hour rule – reset and restart and do not bring that guilt with you.

You will have good days and bad days

The important thing is you keep going. You are your own personal cheer squad and you can do this!

Celebrate the good days and don’t beat yourself up about the not-so-good ones.

Set yourself small achievable goals

It’s all about achieving the little things that all of a sudden, add up to big weight loss and fitness goals.

One of my fave things to celebrate is the NSV (Non-Scale Victory). These are things that deserve to be celebrated that aren’t quite as big as your big boy goals.

Things like: Today I did a one-min plank, today I did 50 burpees, I smashed out my 2L daily water goal or maybe last summer’s shorts that were a bit snug on you now fit you perfectly.

Then reward yourself for your hard work (looks like someone is heading the right way for a manicure!)

It’s time to love you

It’s time to make YOU the focus. Find ways to reconnect with your body and your mind. It’s all about you and having some “me minutes.” It doesn’t have to be a big, grand gesture, but something that is solely for YOU.

A happy mind equals a happy body. It’s amazing the relationship between our physical health, our brains and what we can achieve.

Make sure you have some you time, learn some meditation practices and be fully present in your own thoughts.

The 5 Rules To Measuring:

1) Do your measurements at the same time of the day.

2) Allow your body to stand naturally, no slouching, no sucking in!

3) Measure in front of a mirror, to ensure that your tape is straight (use a string and then measure it with a ruler if you don’t have a measuring tape).

4) Remember to keep a log of your progress so you can keep up to date with your achievements.

5) Make sure you are measuring the same body parts each time.

To Measure:

Bust: Measure all the way around your bust and back on the line of your nipples.

Chest: Measure directly under your breasts, as high up as possible – bang on your bra line.

Waist: Measure at its narrowest point width-wise, usually just above the navel.

Hips: Measure around the widest part in line with the hip bones.

Thighs: Measure around the fullest part of upper leg whilst standing.

Calves: Measure around the thickest part of the calf.

Arms: Measure the thickest part of the upper arm, make sure you’re not tensing those muscles, keep the arm relaxed.

Tiffiny Hall is a new mum to Arnold, founder of TIFFXO, an author, expert trainer, journalist and television personality, best known for her role as trainer on The Biggest Loser Australia.

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