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How to maintain a healthy balance

As the new year begins, a whole new round of activities and responsibilities are about to start – if they ever stopped.

The summer season is often a whirl of socialising – flitting between family and work commitments, entertaining, eating rich foods and drinking alcohol.

When your schedule is jam-packed, a simple way you can care for yourself is by tending to your inner balance.

So, before you’re swept into the routine of the silly season, get your balance back by forming a healthy new habit.

We’re not talking about a big New Year’s resolution that’s going to be difficult to keep. We’re talking about breakfast.

We’ve all heard the adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and that’s because it is. But when it comes to reaching health and wellness goals, time is often the biggest barrier to self-care.

An easy way to begin your new breakfast habit is with Symbio™ Probalance™ yoghurt. A single serving a day is a simple and delicious way to maintain your inner wellbeing. Each serve of Symbio™ contains billions of natural probiotics, plus calcium and fibre to support digestive balance. It’s perfect with cereal, over fresh fruit or as a simple snack on its own.

This year, when you set small achievable goals each week, such as taking the time for a healthy breakfast, you’ll be taking the first essential steps on your wellbeing journey.

Four ways to get the right start

1 Symbio™ on muesli with roasted nuts and honey will help provide fibre and calcium for digestive balance, and energy to fuel your day.

2 Symbio™ and fresh fruit is a classic because nothing beats a light breakfast of your favourite fruit and a creamy yoghurt to help support inner balance – add granola for the ultimate start to the day.

3 For the goodness of wholegrains, Symbio™ Wholegrains has all the benefits of Symbio™ with the addition of brown rice, buckwheat and quinoa. It’s not only delicious but it’s gluten-free too! Enjoy it on its own or dollop it onto a highfibre cereal.

4 If you’re in a hurry, reach for Symbio™ Pouring Yoghurt for a refreshing drink or pop some in your blender with a banana, frozen fruit and some milk for a delicious smoothie.

Start your wellbeing journey today – take the Symbio 14-Day Challenge. Visit

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