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How to feel happier every day!

Tap into these top ten tips to brighten your day.

  1. Read good news – 99 percent of the world’s news seems bad and if that’s all you read, you’ll think nothing good ever happens. Read stories that inspire or move you and show the strength of the human spirit. 2. Take daily baby steps towards your big dreams. It’s too easy to get bogged down with life admin (shopping, cooking and cleaning) – make room for your aspirations too. 3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Put things into perspective by asking yourself, “Will this still matter to me in a year’s time?” 4. Take a very deep breath, then let it out as slowly as possible through pursed lips. Repeat five times. 5. Remember that failure is part of success. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series was rejected by loads of publishers before it was eventually taken on. 6. Make a list of everything you like or admire about yourself, and everything others might like and admire in you, and read the list every day. 7. Notice activities where you experience “flow” – a state of concentration so focused that you are completely absorbed – and do these activities more. In “flow” people feel strong, alert, unselfconscious and at the peak of their abilities. Lots of people experience it through sporting activities like running or cycling but find yours wherever you like – cooking and shopping count too! 8. Act on your dreams. When a young Jackie Collins confided in Norman oailer about her desire to be a writer, he said very simply, “So? Write”. 9. Realise that forgiveness opens the door to happiness. Whenever we hold on to resentments, we only hurt ourselves. 10. Count your blessings. Write down three good things that happened to you today and ask yourself why they happened.

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