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Here’s what happens when you quit booze and coffee for two years

Anyone else signing up for Dry January?
booze and coffee

booze and coffee

January is one of the most popular months of the year for detoxifying diets and brand spanking new exercise regimes.

One of the most common commitments, Dry January, is made by thousands of men and women in the Western world, as they attempt to give the whole “new year, new me” thing a go.

But one New Yorker went a step further, cutting out both alcohol and coffee from his diet for two years.

As he marks the two year anniversary of his struggle, Tobias van Schneider has updated followers with what happens when you cut out nasties from your life.

Tobias has documented going cold turkey on his blog

You save money

The New Yorker calculated he was spending approximately $47 NZ a day on alcohol (bear in mind he lives in one of the most expensive cities in the world and would often go for drinks after work.)

By his calculation that means he saved approximately $1,400 NZ a month. On top of this, Tobias pointed out that drinking more was often accompanied by being lazy about food – having a snack at the bar or ordering takeout on the way home, so that was an added cost too.

You sleep better

Most of us are aware that alcohol disrupts the quality of our sleep. Without the haze of booze, Tobias gets a good night sleep and wakes up hangover-free.

Reduced anxiety

Coffee used to leave Schnieder feeling ‘stressed out.’ Cutting it, he says, has left him more relaxed and less prone to anxiety.

Tobias says that overall he’s “very happy about my decision” and has zero desire to start drinking again.

On top of the health benefits, the New Yorker added that he socialised less, as he couldn’t last more than an hour surrounded by drunk people.

You can read his blog post in full here.

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