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The health and fitness trends, classes and exercises set to boom in 2019

Now To Love chats to nutritionist and trainer Amelia Phillips to see what exercises will be big in 2019 - and which won't be.
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Here at Now To Love we’re always looking out for the latest health and fitness trends. From candlelit and hot yoga à la Meghan Markle to barre classes and HIIT training, we love knowing what new ways of exercising people are coming up with in the name of good health.

Some of these ventures are practical and fun while others are… a little odd – we think some of the weirdest health trends this year were cockroach milk and goat yoga.

Some trends become permanent fixtures in the health and fitness world (hello F45), while others don’t gain enough traction and are slowly phased out. To stay ahead of the curve (and to find out which exercises we’ll be doing before brunch on Sundays next year) we spoke to nutritionist, trainer and co-founder of Voome, Amelia Phillips, about what to expect in the health and fitness world next year.

We also asked her how we can motivate ourselves to exercise when we really can’t be bothered, because there’s no point knowing the latest trends if we can’t bring ourselves to exercise!

Hi Amelia, what kind of health and fitness trends do you think will boom in 2019?

What I’m seeing more and more of is fitness retreats.

Health retreats are nothing new but these more intense – fitness focussed retreats are popping up all over the place! Whether it’s Bali, Byron, fitness and sun or fitness and snow, what a great excuse for a trip away.

They combine daily workouts with nature-based activities such as surfing and hiking. Some also include seminars and pamper treatments. Sign me up!

The other trend I see is what I call ‘bespoke fitness’ where people are taking their health in their own hands, using digital products like smart watches and online programs to design a bespoke regime for them.

What wellness trends do you think will be phased out in 2019?

Thrash and smash workouts continue to lose popularity. No longer are people feeling like they need to wreck themselves every workout to get results.

Smart training, incorporating mobility, strength, fitness with ample recovery continues to grow. Turmeric lattes are here for a while longer, and so are high waisted gym pants, thank goodness!

How can we motivate ourselves to work out when we really can’t be bothered?

Two tips:

First, go into ‘Robot mode’. Don’t start the internal head chatter (should I, shouldn’t I? It’s cold, I’m tired blah blah), just go into robot mode, don’t think, just do. Even if your heart isn’t in it, you’re still going to get it done. Before you know it, the workout will be over and you’ll feel great!

Second, join a group, challenge or program: When the gloss of exercise starts wearing off, it’s the perfect time to join a time based program. It motivates, creates team camaraderie and gives you something specific to work towards.

Amelia Phillips is a registered nutritionist, exercise scientist, co founder of Voome (everything you need to live a healthy fit and mindful life). She is a busy Mum of four under the age of five and on a mission to empower Australians and Kiwis to live their best life!

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