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Good sports: Five activities to tone your body

Choose an activity that not only gets you fit but tones specific body parts too


For lean legs: If you love the great outdoors and want an awesome leg workout at the same time, then pull on your hiking boots and go bush. As the terrain is often uneven, tramping is great for lengthening and strengthening your leg muscles as your calves “switch on” to help keep you stable.

Top tip: New Zealand has countless tracks to explore, but make sure you check out the difficulty level of the trail before you set out and always tell someone where you’re headed.


To tone your tush**: While your whole body will get a workout as you dash around the court, it’s your glutes that will reap the most rewards. The repetitive action of sprinting up and down, as well as laterally, works to tone and tighten.

Top tip: Warm up properly by jogging around the court for a few minutes. Then, during the game, prevent injuries by making sure you move your feet to the ball, not just your arms.


For toned thighs:** Working out every muscle in your legs is as simple as jumping on a bike. But it’s your quadriceps (thigh muscles) that bear the brunt of the load, resulting in perfectly toned upper legs.

Top tip: Although riding a bike is easy as, er, riding a bike, make sure you start with a few short, simple rides if it’s been a while. Also, try to focus on pulling your leg upwards from your hip, rather than pushing down through your feet – this will work your hamstrings and thigh muscles.


for sleek arms:** For those of you who are injury-prone, swimming is ideal as it’s low impact and super-gentle on your joints. Every stroke activates your shoulder and arm muscles too, leading to lean, sculpted summer dress-ready arms.

Top tip: For best results, make sure you switch up your stroke regularly. Breaststroke might be the most comfortable, but try freestyle or backstroke to really get those triceps burning.


For a trim waist:** Don’t be fooled into thinking golf is a low-impact, leisurely sport. It’s actually a great way to stay fit and socialise at the same time. The act of swinging a golf club works your core, whittling your waistline, and strengthening your abdominals and back muscles too. Plus, you get to enjoy the outdoors.

Top tip: If you’re new to golf, get a lesson or two before joining a foursome. Better yet, practice your swing by logging some time at a driving range.

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