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A $7000 Evian bath and other wacky celebrity health trends

These Hollywood crazes will have you hula-hooping around the house!
Wacky celebrity health trends

Celebrities aren’t known for being frugal or restrained in their beauty habits. In fact it seems as though the more beautiful and famous you are, the greater the lengths you’ll go to for vanity.

Still, when it comes to unusual beauty practices, there are some stars that are head and shoulders above the others…

Elle Macpherson’s floating fixation

Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson loves to do floatation therapy to stay on top of her health. The futuristic treatment involves floating in a buoyant salt-water tank, in the dark, in total silence. It delivers an abundance of health benefits from pain relief to reducing symptoms of depression. How Zen!

Salma Hayek’s clay eating

We’re no strangers to the benefits of clay as a purifying therapy on skin, but what about putting it on the plate? Actress Salma Hayek reportedly likes to chomp on bentonite clay, which is formed from volcanic ash. Some nutritionists say that digesting clay helps rid the body of toxins, and boosts calcium and iron.

Venus Williams’ Evian bath

Adding extra luxury to our soak with candles and bath salts is always a must, but imagine getting into a tub worth nearly $7000? That’s what Serena Williams does. The tennis star gives her skin ultimate hydration by bathing in 1000 litres of Evian mineral water, known to be rich in nutrients like magnesium, which illuminates the skin.

Kelly Osbourne’s hula hooping habit

Throwing it back to primary school playgrounds, Kelly Osbourne is all about hula-hooping to stay fit. The reality star uses a Hoopnotica hula hoop every day, which she reveals keeps her back toned and waist cinched. She even holds hula-hooping parties on the weekends!

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