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6 reasons getting fit is good for your relationship

Here’s why working out as a couple keeps your love life in fantastic shape.
Fit couple

1. Quality time

How often do you get to spend one-on-one time with your partner? It can sometimes seem like you exist in the same world but rarely get a chance to see each other. On top of that, one of the big reasons we can struggle to find time to work out is that our daily lives are so busy. But this way, you’re spending quality time with someone you love and breaking a sweat; you’re killing two birds with one stone and getting fit and toned in the process.

2. The ultimate training partner

Whereas training with a best friend might easily turn instead into a ‘catch up on the gossip’ session, there’s an element of vanity that will keep you wanting to try your best in front of your partner. Having a shared goal or physical challenge is also proven to help couples feel more satisfied within their relationship and more in love with their partner, according to a recent Journey of Personality study.

3. Cheap date alert!

Why spend $40 going to the movies when you can try bowling, laser strike, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing… the list is endless and it’s fun! Once you get into the habit of getting active together, you’ll have a whole new world of date possibilities. Keep a running tally of who won which event to get a healthy level of rivalry going, which brings us to our next point…

4. On each other’s team

When you’re playing for the same team – e.g. going for a run together, training for the same event, it bonds you as team members. One study found even doing the same physical actions – lifting weights, running at the same pace – creates non-verbal matching which helps you feel more emotionally in tune with each other.

5. Sex life

Being fit improves blood flow and stamina – both of which helps you out in the bedroom – and increased muscle tone helps your body confidence. But there’s another benefit to getting sweaty together before you get sweaty together: the physical symptoms of exercise, like increased heartbeat, sweaty palms and shortness of breath, mimic physiological symptoms of romantic attraction. So whether you’re in a new relationship and looking to fall in love, or you’re a long-term couple and looking to deepen the connection, exercise is a sure-fire way to make it happen.

6. Staying motivated

Stickability is the make-or-break factor when it comes to starting a new exercise routine, and having someone who will a) hold you accountable for making it to a workout but also b) cheer you on when you’re not feeling inspired is key. The second half of a new wellbeing regime is eating better, and that’s where your partner can help make a difference. Your diet choices are heavily influenced by the people around you and if you make a pact to go for whole foods over convenience foods, it will be easier for you both to maintain it.

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