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5 ways to stay healthy this holiday season

Stay healthy this holiday season with these five expert wellness tips.
5 ways to stay-well-this-holiday-season

Endless catch-ups with friends and family, the kids school social, not to mention work events – it’s no wonder we end up feeling exhausted and burnt out by the time Christmas arrives.

To help you stay healthy this holiday season, we asked GO Healthy’s natural health practitioner, Janeen Howard for her top five tips for festive wellness.

1. Support a good mood

Although the festive season is filled with joy, it’s also a very busy time of year which can often result in stress. Deadlines, chores, Christmas shopping (and the rest!) can often leave us feeling stressed out, anxious and fatigued.

Try this: GO Healthy Mood Support, $29.90, supports a positive mood and a relaxed state of mind with the inclusion of amino acid, L-Theanine.

2. Have a healthy gut

Okay, let’s be honest. We all tend to overindulge in the festive season. Rich foods, sweet treats, a few beverages in the sun and late nights equal lots of fun, but not necessarily for our digestive system. These factors can impact our gut and affect the balance of important good gut bacteria. This can leave us feeling bloated, experiencing digestive discomfort, and generally fatigued.

Try this: Probiotics are the answer. They help to repopulate our good gut bacteria, and return it to a healthy, balanced state. You can find a range of probiotic supplements at your health store or pharmacy.

3. Curb sugar cravings

We all love a little Christmas pudding or Pavlova during the holidays, but too much sugar can wreak havoc on our health and leave us feeling fatigued, unable to focus, experiencing low mood, constantly hungry, and craving sugary foods and carbohydrates.

Try this: Avoid overloading on sugary treats and try to limit yourself to just a few bites – after all the first few are always the best! If this doesn’t help, curb sugary cravings with GO Healthy GO Sugar Block, $37.90. The inclusion of white mulberry acts as a sugar blocker and ensures less of the bad stuff is absorbed into the bloodstream.

4. Get enough sleep

When we’re busy, a good night’s sleep is the best support we can give our bodies. But it’s not always easy when we have a busy social calendar or a lot on our minds.

Try this: Stay away from tablets, TV’s and other similar electronic devices an hour before going to bed to help you wind-down and relax. If you still have trouble sleeping, try taking a herbal sleeping supplement to help calm the muscles and mind.

5. Support a strong immune system

Often the Christmas holidays is the first chance we get to unwind after a busy year. Unfortunately the chance to properly relax can leave us prone to falling ill. Help your body stay healthy by arming your immune system against nasty bugs, ills and chill.

Try this: Go Healthy GO Vir-Defence, $29.90, supports the body’s natural immune defences with key ingredients; including Echinacea, Olive Leaf, Garlic, Vitamin C and Zinc.

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