Why smoothie ingredients are now being used in skincare

The secret to radiant glowing skin may be what you put in your blender every morning.

Kale, Parsley, Chlorella, Acai and Spirulina are all ingredients that you may be very accustomed to seeing in your smoothie or salad in your local cafe.

While the world has embraced the health and wellbeing benefits of superfoods and are more invested in consuming nutrient and antioxidant rich foods that will improve their overall health, it’s also been discovered that these same ingredients are the key to gorgeous skin.

Glowing, healthy skin is a combination of what we put both in and on our bodies and by embracing the “full super greens effect” you can now reap the benefits of greens both on the inside, and out.

The Super Greens range by Sukin is jam-packed with detoxifying superfoods including Kale, Spirulina, Parsley and Chlorella which promote and encourage a radiant, healthy complexion.

Added antioxidant and vitamin rich actives of Acai, Goji Berry and Grape Seed promotes youthful looking skin and anti-ageing benefits – exactly what you want from your skincare!

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