The best primers for makeup that will last all night long

Want to wield the makeup must-have like a pro?

Your face is the ultimate canvas and applying primer before makeup can really make a difference. But some may still say, “What is primer, anyway, and why do I need it?” Glad you asked! Makeup primers can be used underneath eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick and even mascara, making everything that lies on top adhere better and look its best. They can also reduce the amount of makeup you need to use

and are the key to beautiful, long-lasting results.

Do I really need a primer?

Yes and no. They can be beneficial for certain seasons when, say, humidity is high or the air is more dry, and on special occasions such as weddings, when a primer can be super-helpful to keep everything in place. Or if you are someone who has significant skin issues like texture and redness or dullness, a primer will only help, not hurt.

Which type of primer is right for me?

Mattifying face primer

If you have oily skin, a mattifying primer will be your go-to to prolong the wear of your foundation. Look for a silicone-based one as it creates the perfect barrier between your skin and makeup, and has the added benefit of blurring and smoothing pores.

Hydrating face primer

Hydrating primers are ideal for dry skin, especially those that come with skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Avoid using a silicone-based primer if you’re this skin type, though, as it could “pill” over dry skin.

Colour-correcting primers

The colour of these primers is designed to counteract underlying skin tones. For instance, green primers are used to correct redness, while blue primers offset sallow tones.

Blurring primer

These primers are less about mattifying and more about smoothing, which is ideal for mature skin types to diminish the look of fine lines.

Eyeshadow primer

Eyeshadow is notorious for wearing off by midday and it seldom stays in place on humid days. A simple primer can fix all of that, plus it helps with your eyeliner as well. Eye primers can also colour-correct the eyelid before makeup application for major pigment payoff.

Mascara primer

If you have trouble with your lashes holding a curl, try a mascara primer. They’re also often made with nourishing ingredients that condition the lashes, adding additional volume and length.

Lip primer

Not everyone will need a lip primer, but if you like to play up your pout and want all-day colour, it’s advisable. It can keep your lipstick from bleeding and create a smooth surface that will hold the colour longer.

The grippy primer

Revlon ColorStay Grip Matte Primer, $32.95, keeps makeup in place for up to 16 hours.

The primer duo

Clinique Even Better Light Reflecting Primer and Pore Defying Primer, $71, make pores and excess oil vanish in minutes.

The hydrating primer

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Hydrating Serum Primer, $64, is a best-selling formula packed with skincare-grade ingredients.

The eyeshadow primer

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, $46, creates a flawless base for colour to adhere to.

The bronzed goddess primer

Natio Bronze Glow Perfecting Primer, $20.99, comes with a flattering wash of colour.

The smoothing and blurring primer

Stila Blurring & Smoothing Primer, $70, delivers a soft-focus effect on your skin.

The planet-friendly primer

An all-natural wonder, RMS Beauty “Re” Evolve Radiance Locking Primer, $71, comes in refillable, planet-friendly packaging.

The glowy primer

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer, $87, hides a multitude of sins.

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