What you need to know about looking after your hair

Here's how to keep your hair looking healthy without compromising on style

Whether you’re fresh out of the hairdressers, or you just coloured it at home – or it’s even been a while since your last touch up – now is the time to sort out a hair care regime which will keep your locks looking healthy.

We all know that colouring and using styling tools to curl or straighten your hair can damage it.

This means that your locks require extra TLC – and the first step is a colour-friendly shampoo and conditioner.

The reason that colouring hair can cause damage is because hair dye needs to get through a few barriers before it can deposit the colour into your hair permanently.

In order to get into the hair shaft, it must lift through the cuticle which protects the hair, and once this happens, the damage has already begun.

Once the cuticle is lifted, peroxide gets in and breaks down your natural hair pigment. Peroxide is very drying on the hair, which contributes even more to the damage and worsens the texture.

To counteract the harmful effects of colour treatment, a multi-step hair care regime is essential in protecting the health and appearance of your hair – and one product alone won’t do the trick.

The new Extra Care Fibre Therapy range by Schwarzkopf works to repair this damage, and brings over-processed hair back to life.

With regular use, it also protects hair from future harm when it’s exposed to frequent heat, styling or colouring. When you use heat styling tools, such as curling irons, flat irons, tongs or blow dryers, they strip your hair of its natural oils and proteins by breaking down its hydrogen bonds.

Thi breaking down of hydrogen bonds is the same reason your heat styling tools are able to give you the look you desire, whether it be straight, curly or sleek.

Fortunately, Schwarzkopf Fibre Therapy Bond Restore Shampoo and Conditioner cleanses and conditions the hair, repairing the fibres.

This revolutionary formula with Omegaplex® works by reconstructing the broken bonds in the hair, which stabilizes the inner hair structure and enables it to resist future strains.

As well as cleansers, leave-in products are essential in improving hair health.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Fibre Therapy Bond Restore Repair-In-Oil Spray is a two-phase formula of beautifying oil and bonding-repair, which adds shine and suppleness to the appearance of the hair, while deeply restoring the fibres with Omegaplex® .

So now that the secret’s out – you too can keep your colour fresh, and your hair healthy.

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