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Rachel Hunter: I worry about Tyne

What a great programme New Zealand’s Next Top Model was this week. Learning to walk on a runway is much harder than it looks.

Unlike the models of the 1990s – think Linda Evangelista – I was terrible on a runway.

I used to be a dancer, which helped in some ways when I did editorial shoots, but on the runway, I walked a bit like a duck.

Tyne is a gymnast, which may have helped her with her walk, but to be honest, some people are naturals and some aren’t. And if you aren’t, it’s not the end of the world. You can learn a runway walk and how to move in heels – you can’t fix someone’s face or body.

I’m really happy Tyne had a great experience this week – I think she has a great body and her look is really edgy. She had a hard time with the makeover – her whole style was changed, which can be very difficult to get your head around. How would you feel if someone came along and chopped all your hair off? No matter how much you prepare yourself, having such a drastic haircut affects you on an emotional level.

I do worry, though, that Tyne is feeling very vulnerable. This whole experience – going through such a big learning experience, and living in such close quarters with the other contestants – is very hard on all the girls, and she’s clearly finding it tougher than some. When we don’t know how to deal with a situation, it’s easy to isolate ourselves, which causes more friction and makes everything harder. That being said, she really shone in both the challenges this week.

The second challenge was to stand out from the crowd with other professional models. Working with a photographer who’s as amazing as Tony Drayton is a great opportunity and I really hope the girls enjoyed it.

Although wild card Holly didn’t stand out from the crowd enough to keep herself in the game, even her photo isn’t that bad. It goes to show just what you can achieve if you work with a fantastic photographer.

To me, there are a few standouts starting to emerge. The two most classic-looking girls are Aroha and Rosanagh. Aroha excelled all-round this week – her being the plus-size girl hasn’t been obvious at all. She looks beautiful.

The other standouts for me are Briana – who did really well this week – Bianca and Brigitte. Hillary and Yanna are doing very well too.

I do worry about AJ. She’s got a great personality, and gets on well with the other girls, but she isn’t great at using her body, and her walk needs work. I’m still holding out for something good from her. I’m also not too impressed with Amber yet, but there’s still time.

That being said, at this point it’s anybody’s game. I’m not seeing any pattern that makes anyone a definite shoo-in or a certain elimination. The important thing is that the girls keep pushing and keep trying.

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