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Love online shopping? Unlock a world of possibilities with international mail forwarding

Shop till you drop with an overseas forwarding address

If you enjoy online shopping, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of signing up for a legitimate mail forwarding service like Reship, MyUs, or You Shop.

These handy services allow you to shop from international websites that don’t offer shipping internationally or to New Zealand. Whether shipping from America to New Zealand or sourcing a hard-to-come-by product from the United Kingdom, a mail forwarding service is an excellent solution.

Read on for the answers to frequently asked questions about online shopping forwarding, including how to secure a coveted US forwarding address.

How do I get a US forwarding address?

If you’re shipping from America to New Zealand, try Reship (which also ships from Canada and The United Kingdom). SIGN UP HERE.

We also recommend MyUS (which also ships from the United Kingdom). SIGN UP HERE.

What is an international mail forwarding service? How does online shopping forwarding work?

An international package forwarding service allows you to shop from a variety of countries, just like a local resident.

When you sign up for the service, you are provided a local warehouse address to enter at checkout. Once your parcel is delivered to the warehouse, the mail forwarding service will ship and deliver your package directly to your specified New Zealand address.

What are the benefits of using an international package forwarding service?

The best thing about using a mail forwarding service is that an extensive range of previously inaccessible brands and products are now within reach.

You could be lusting after a hard-to-find skincare product from Ulta Beauty, furniture from Amazon US, Restoration Hardware or Soho Home, or affordable clothing from Walmart or Target. With a freight forwarder, the possibilities are endless, and shipping from US to NZ becomes easy.

Can I use parcel forwarding for large or oversized products?

Yes, you can, regardless of whether you’re shipping from the US to NZ or even the UK.

For an indication of costs for large or oversized parcels, check out the Reship Shipping Calculator tool.

Will international package forwarding services save me money?

Signing up for a mail forwarding service means you’ll save on international shipping rates.

Even better, if you use a US forwarding address through Reship or MyUS, you can shop from US stores tax-free, saving big compared to buying the same item in New Zealand.

Bear in mind that once your parcel arrives in New Zealand, taxes and duties may apply before it can clear New Zealand Customs.

How much does a US forwarding address cost?

Most freight forwarders offer a variety of membership options.

For example, Reship offers a free membership that charges per parcel delivery. Its annual membership is cost-effective if you order multiple parcels a year.

Similarly, signing up to MyUS is free, and you can also trial a premium membership for free.

Can I use an international mail forwarding service to ship restricted items?

You can’t use a mail forwarding service to ship or import restricted or prohibited items into New Zealand. Contact New Zealand Customs Service for further details.

Ultimately, a freight forwarding service like Reship or MyUS is a great way to access many brands and products previously out of reach and make the most of affordable international shipping. Bagging that exclusive US forwarding address has never been easier!

Sign up to an international freight forwarder for free by visiting or

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