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Tips for perfect lash extensions and falsies

Almost every woman yearns for longer, thicker eyelashes. Whether you’re considering extensions or want to apply falsies for a night out, here’s what you need to know.
False lashes


MAC senior make-up artist Nicole Thompson shares her tips on applying false lashes:

  1. First curl your lashes with a Mac Full Lash Curler $48 and apply a light coat of mascara. This will give you the perfect base.

  2. Lashes are always easier to apply in smaller pieces. If you want a full look, try cutting your false lash into three pieces and apply individually along the top lash line. They will stay on twice as long.

  3. For a natural but full look go for MAC Lash 33 $26. For glamorous evenings try MAC Lash 7 $26. Or for a super quick fix try a half lash, such as MAC #20 lashes $26, just on the outer corners of the lash line.

  4. When applying the glue, don’t overdo it. You only need a thin stripe along the base of the lash. Allow 15-30 seconds for the glue to partly dry to allow for easy application.

  5. Don’t stress if the lash does not sit in the exact place you want it straight away. Simply use the ends and push inwards, working it right into the lash line. If that doesn’t work, peel off and try again.

  6. Once dry, give the lashes a gentle clamp with your curler to bring the natural and false lashes together.


Lash stylist Elisia Webb’s tips on how to get the best results with salon lash extensions:

The latest, greatest things are…

Russian Volume Lashes. These are fine, soft and almost weightless and give three to six times more volume than the thicker diameter lashes of old.

Your extensions should last…

Four to 10 weeks depending on the size. Typically the fuller the set, the longer they last.

Lashes also survive better in winter without heat and humidity. If clients get their lashes maintained every two to four weeks, they can last indefinitely with regular in-fills.

Prolong their life by…

Not rubbing your eyes or sleeping on your face. Using a metal curler or applying mascara is not recommended either. Remove any make-up carefully with an oil-free remover and avoid using cotton pads as the fibres can get caught between the lashes.

Be realistic and…

Avoid choosing ones that are too long or heavy for the natural lashes to support. They might look good for a few days, but the weight can cause extensions to twist and break your natural lashes.

A good salon should…

Stock at least three different curls, three lash diameters and six lengths. A high-quality adhesive is important; there should be no stinging. It should also have a high turnover as adhesive has a life span of about four weeks. After that it can go gummy (resulting in clumpy lashes), or lose bonding power.

Most important…

You should be lying on a massage table with eyes closed during the treatment. Applying while sitting upright can result in clumping. The extensions must be attached to your natural lashes, not the skin. These should remain separated, so you can brush through with a clean mascara wand without pulling.

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