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Makeup primer tips

If you never use a primer before applying makeup then you may be missing out on a worthwhile step in the whole process. Makeup artist Grayson Coutts explains why.
Makeup primer tips

**Do I really need to bother with primer?

**If you want to prevent your makeup from creasing or wearing off, help control oil production, avoid blocked pores, reduce redness and smooth your skin, then yes. Most good primers are also full of antioxidants and have long-term benefits as well.

Which areas of the face benefit from being primed?

A good primer will smooth out the surface of your skin, fill in any fine lines and pores and extend the wear of your makeup while preventing it from creasing or wearing off. Skin should be primed every day (even if you just wear tinted moisturiser or bronzer) and the eyes should be primed when you wear eye makeup.

Why do I need a different primer for the face and the eyes?

Face primers are generally not formulated for use on the eyes as the skin there is much thinner and more sensitive. A silicone-based primer used on the eyes would cause eyeshadow to slip and a cream primer would cause oiliness as it’s just too heavy. If you’re on a budget you can use a small amount of concealer but an eye primer will yield better results.

Do I apply primer with fingers or a brush?

I apply face primer with clean fingertips as I like to really work it into the skin.

What’s best, silicone-based or cream-based skin primers?

It depends on your preference. Creams are heavier and more suited to drier skin whereas silicone primers feel silkier and are preferred by normal to oily skin. I find silicone primers have better staying power and are more effective at controlling oil production.

Tinted primer or clear… what’s your advice?

If you suffer from redness, uneven skin tone or just want to reduce the appearance of freckles, then a tinted primer is right for you. The tint will tone down any high colour in the skin, meaning you don’t have to use as much foundation to cover up. The less foundation you can use, the better.

Any more primer tips?

To remove eyeshadow under the eyes, apply a small amount of silicone-based primer on a cotton bud and sweep it over. It’ll remove the specks of eyeshadow and leave the under-eye area ready for concealer. Don’t overdo the primer or it will have the opposite effect. A hazelnut-size amount should be sufficient for your face and neck.

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