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How to make your manicure last longer

Here's how to get the most out of your paint job.
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1. Use a base

Just as we prime our skin for makeup, the same prep should count for our nails for optimum results and longevity. Light says the trick is to cleanse the nail plate before polish application.

“Using nail polish remover on the surface of the nail prior to the application will leave the nail clean and oil free,” she says.

“Pushing back the cuticle will also allow more of the nail to be used in colour application and make it look a lot tidier.” Next up is the base coat.

Contrary to what you may think, this is an essential step, as it improves adhesion and prevents staining.

“It’s formulated to anchor colour to the nail and improve wearability, as it acts as resilient, double-sided sticky tape,” says Vette.

2. Use glitter to cover chips and scratches

There’s nothing more frustrating than bumping a fingernail and ruining your perfect new mani or pedi.

Instead of reaching for the polish remover, fix the problem with glitter, says Light.

“I know it sounds super simple, however a glitter feature nail is my favourite quick fix,” she says. “It also works as a great introduction to nail art for the first timer without being too crazy.”

3. Avoid hot water

We never thought we’d hear it, but according to Vette, hot water is nail polish’s natural enemy.

“Don’t do your nails and then do the dishes or hop into the shower,” she says. “It causes the nail bed to expand, forcing the polish to expand with it, typically causing it to crack in the process.”

4. Upgrade your polish

If you’re a gel manicure addict, why not consider using at-home, gel-like lacquers instead?

These new formulas are applied like normal polish, sans base coat, and can provide up to two weeks wear without the hassle of going to the salon, or needing to cure under UV light.

Another plus is that these can be easily removed at home with acetone-free nail polish remover, meaning no more soaking – or picking them off.

5. Be patient with your nails

Sheer, neon-bright, glitter-bombed: there are nail lacquers to match every mood—or It bag.

“The key is to allow ample drying time between coats, particularly for darker, pigment-rich shades,” says Vette.

She recommends applying polish from pinkie to pinkie in very light layers so they dry even quicker, without the risk of getting nicks or bumps while waiting.

6. Toughen your nails with a top coat

If you ask any nail technician, they will attest that a top coat is an essential after any manicure.

“The top coat adds an abundance of shine, and protects and prolongs the polish against everyday wear,” says Vette.

“More importantly you can use it to cap the edge of the nail which, in turn, prevents lifting and chipping,” she says.

If you have time, Vette recommends reapplying your top coat to your nails’ free edge every two or three days to reseal it and extend your manicure’s life.

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