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A guide to the weird world of celebrity beauty treatments

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To get red carpet ready, celebrities go through an interesting pre-awards show preparation phase that includes expensive facials, weird treatments, and other bizarre beauty procedures – like the ‘penis facial’.

Thanks to Instagram, many stars love sharing selfies of themselves in the middle of their glam evolution, revealing the long, confusing path they must go through in order to attain red carpet perfection.

And we’re not just talking about hair, make-up, and nails here either. Bar Rafeli is covering herself in gold goop, Kim Kardashian is injecting herself with her own blood, and Lindsay Lohan is spending thousands to freeze herself to death!

Yep, the world of celebrity glam is indeed a strange place. Below, a quick tour of the bizarre treatments celebs undergo to look red carpet ready.

Bar Refaeli

The Treatment: Liquid gold facial

These days, celebs are all about sheet masks and other facials, but this gold goop definitely made us do a second take. The treatment, which costs a whopping $1,660 and has been used by celebs like Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz, includes 24-carat gold and bee venom cream. Uh, we’ll pass.

Lindsay Lohan

The Treatment: Cryotherapy

Back in 2015, Lindsay shared a video of her stepping into an ice chamber in just a bikini. Turns out it was a popular procedure that other celebs like Mandy Moore rave about for its anti-inflammation and pain-reducing benefits. Did we mention the ice chamber is -145°C? Unsurprisingly, the FDA has denounced it.

Emma Stone

The Treatment: Collagen Infused Lip Mask

We’re used to seeing sheet masks and other weird facials on celebs, but when Emma Stone shared this photo while getting ready for the Golden Globes, many fans were left scratching their heads. Turns out she was wearing a collagen-infused lip mask that plumps, hydrates, and conditions lips. And yes, you read that correctly. It’s a nonsurgical plumper! Many people rave about it, and considering its $40 price tag, we guess it’s not too unattainable.

Serena Williams

The Treatment: Evian water bath

Well this is self-explanatory. If you have $5,000 to spend, you can soak your entire body in a pool of Evian water (you know, instead of that disgusting stuff that comes out of a tap like a lowly commoner). The treatment includes over 1,000 bottles of Evian and also includes chocolate and a bottle of wine. Not sure what beauty benefits this pricey bath has beyond feeling like a rich person, which might be enough for some people.

Emmy Rossum

The Treatment: Face Place facial treatment

When the Shameless star shared this selfie back in 2016, she joked that she looked like “Hannibal Lecter.” But apparently, this popular facial treatment available at Face Place is a bi-monthly treatment that involves a milky cleanser, lots of warm towels, yucca root solution, steam, a collagen-rich solution, and then a Vitamin C solution. It looks like a lot of work, but apparently, the red carpet “glow” pays off.

Kim Kardashian

The Treatment: The Vampire Facial

And who can forget this infamous procedure? Say whatever you want about Kim, but she’s definitely not afraid to try some experimental treatments. The Platelet-Rich Plasma injections involve poking yourself with a needle to inject your own blood back into your skin. It’s supposed to have anti-wrinkle benefits, but we’re too squeamish to ever try it ourselves.

Kim Zolciak

The Treatment: Sweat Beds

Steam is hardly new when it comes to beauty trends, but celebs always take things a bit too far. Thanks to Selena Gomez, “sweat beds,” are a thing, and many stars like paying big bucks to sweat themselves to awesome, glowy skin. The hard part? Well, dealing with the hot temperatures. At least it sounds better than Cryotherapy!

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