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A guide to men’s grooming

Although hard to believe, men have the same grooming needs as women. Whether it is using the right hair product or skin moisturiser, today’s men pay more attention to their appearances than previous generations. Here we provide a short guide on men’s grooming – may it help you take care of the special men in your life.

Guide to men’s skinThere are some important differences between men’s and women’s skin. This is why products come especially formulated for each sex. However, it is incorrect to assume that men’s skin is ‘tougher’ and therefore does not need care and nourishment.

  • Thickness: men generally have thicker skin than women, meaning they are less susceptible to sun damage. This does not mean men should skimp on sunscreen! According to the Sunsmart foundation, in 2009 melanoma was the most common cancer in men 25 – 44 years old.
  • Sebaceous glands: generally, men have smaller sebaceous, or oil, glands. This means that their pores tend to look smaller.However with men, less is more! oen generally have oilier skin than women despite having smaller oil glands. This is because of the male hormone testosterone, which generates higher levels of oil.

GroomingWhether it is hair, skin, or body, there are now a wide range of products available catering to a wide range of men’s grooming needs. When purchasing for your son or other half, keep the following in mind:

  • Hair: most men will want a relatively natural look, so their hair doesn’t seem too ‘done’. Pomades are a good option for styling – make sure to pick a water-based pomade with a matt finish. Because pomades are usually a waxy formula, look for one which features a ‘non-sticky’ texture, so your man won’t be wiping his pomade on hand towels!Gel is another product commonly used for hair styling – the hair is left with a slightly ‘wet’, glossy look. oost men prefer this look when heading out for a formal occasion. Choose a gel that doesn’t leave hair feeling stiff, and doesn’t flake. There’s nothing more unattractive than gel-deposits clumping in the mane.

  • Face: the key is purchasing ‘multi-purpose’ products. Facial cleansers that double up as body washes work well with men, as they can do an all-over cleanse in the shower without feeling like they’re fussing about their appearance.Moisturisers need to be light yet effective. Look for gel based formulas that leave the skin feeling refreshed and soft after application, without a heavy scent. A moisturising shaving cream will also help, as shaving tends to strip the skin of moisture.

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