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14 time-saving beauty tricks

Simplify your routine and have more time for your little ones.

1. Apply an overnight facial tan

Before bed, mix a couple of tanning drops into your night cream. You’ll wake up with a subtle glow and won’t have to wear as much make-up.

2. Go dry between washes

As well as fading your colour faster, washing and drying hair every morning is time-consuming. Use dry shampoo between washes to absorb oil and give volume.

3. Invest in multi-tasking products

A soft pink cheek tint also works as a lip balm and can even add colour to eyelids. A dark brown eye pencil can line lashes, colour lids and fill in brows.

4. Avoid touch-ups

Eliminate any need for touch-ups by spritzing a setting mist over your make-up in the morning. This will ensure it looks polished and perfect all day.

5. Ready-made style

Before bed, spray hair with texturising mist, then divide it into two sections. Twist each around to create a high bun on either side. When you wake up, hair will be styled into loose, modern waves.

6 Fight frizz

After you’ve applied hand cream, run the residue down the mid-lengths and ends of your hair to tame flyaway strands.

7. Use a primer

Although this extra step may seem like it’s adding time, it saves plenty down the track as foundation goes on much more quickly and evenly, plus it stays put all day, requiring no touch-ups.

8. Choose long-wear lipstick

Applying a no-budge lip colour is a no-brainer for minimising reapplication time.

9. Wear a CC cream, BB cream or tinted moisturiser

Trade your foundation for one of these formulations. They’re super- quick to apply, plus often contain that essential SPF.

10. Blow-dry when it’s air-dried

Don’t start drying your hair when it’s still soaking wet – it’ll take ages. Do it at the end of your morning routine once it’s as air- dried as possible. This will allows for quicker and more effective styling.

11. Use the right brush

A large, round, vented brush is the ideal styling tool for drying hair. It allows air to circulate, speeding up the process, while the large barrel creates good volume.

12. Hydrate while you sleep

When there aren’t enough hours in the day, treat your skin to a much-needed hydrating mask that will work while you rest.

13. Nourish and repair hair fast

Instead of standing in the shower for five to 10 minutes like some hair masks instruct, apply a treatment that does the same job in 60 seconds.

14. Use cream eyeshadow

Don’t fuss about with buffing and blending multiple shades of powder eyeshadow, simply swipe over a neutral-toned crème formulation – a slight shimmer will make your eyes pop.

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