The Block NZ’s Chloe and Emily on their love-hate relationship with the show

"One second I love it, and the next I hate everyone and all I want to do is cry," confesses Emily.

When The Block NZ besties Chloe Hes and Emily Blanchett step in front of our camera in floor-length gowns and flawless make-up, it’s a refreshing change for the Palmerston North pair after weeks in work boots and oversized jumpers.

And their giggles are certainly a different scene from a recent episode, when Emily broke down in tears on our screens and threatened to walk away from the Three reality series.

“This whole experience has been so much harder than we ever thought,” confesses Emily, who owns a salad bar.

“I felt completely overwhelmed. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions on The Block. One second I love it, and the next I hate everyone and all I want to do is cry.”

Chloe agrees, “It’s nonstop. You never have time to refuel. I never thought we’d get so emotional on TV, but the lack of sleep and constant filming takes its toll.”

Despite Emily’s meltdown, the 25-year-olds insist that their bedroom reveal was their proudest moment on the show, even if they failed to win.

“We put so much into this room and I still believe we nailed it,” says Chloe, who quit her job as an office coordinator to compete.

“We’re creating a house for potential buyers, not the judges.”

Regardless of the drama, their friendship remains strong, with both girls claiming they haven’t fought at all during filming.

Emily insists, “We’re so similar, we can just read each other and we always feel the same. When I’m quiet or tired, she is too.”

The inseparable pair have been buddies since they were 13 and Chloe says they’ve got themselves into lots of “crazy situations”, including joining a surf-lifesaving club just for the uniform and using each other’s IDs.

Emily grins, “We’re always tricking everyone. We were the naughty girls prank-calling people to say, ‘This is Inland Revenue and you owe us $2500.'”

Their close relationship has caused many fans of the renovation series to question whether the two women are actually a couple, with Emily giggling, “We’ve read online comments like, ‘Those girls are definitely lesbians – they’re always touching each other.’ But we’re just naturally really touchy and affectionate.”

Indeed, as the friends discuss the upcoming auction, Emily throws her arm around her bestie and grins, “We’re going to win the whole thing.”

Nodding, Chloe agrees, “The auction is just going to be the icing on the cake for this experience.”

Emily’s potential The Block NZ love interest

Emily and her Block competitor Tom Waalkens have both sworn there’s nothing romantic going on, but we hear the flirtatious pair have been caught in a comprising situation.

A show insider tells Woman’s Day that Emily and Tom, 24, were found steaming up the inside of a car on set – and we’ll see it in an upcoming episode!

Despite denying any chemistry between them, Emily has confessed she’s open to dating someone on the show, telling us, “I’m not looking for love, but if it falls into my lap, that would be lovely.”

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