The Block NZ: Emma and Courtney take Dylz and Dyls’ house

Emma and Courtney's game-changing decision!
The Block NZ: Emma and Courtney

The battle lines have officially been drawn in tonight’s explosive game-changing episode of The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys.

Dunedin duo Emma, 27 (right) and Courtney, 25 (left) used their key to swap houses and they picked the hot-tempered Mt Maunganui builders Dylz and Dyls’ do-up – oh, and it didn’t go down too well!

“They take it quite personally,” Courtney spills to Woman’s Day. “As soon as it happened, Dyls was like, ‘Right, this is war now’. He then didn’t talk to us but then we realised that’s just the way he deals with stress and disappointment.”

“It’s just unfortunate that they were in the house we wanted – it could have been anyone and it was just bad luck it was them.”

Emma adds, “We’ve kicked off the competitive side between the groups. Yes, we are all friends, but Court and I know this is a competition. It’s a bonus we all get along but we didn’t come here to make friends.”

But the girls do get Big Dyls, 27, and 25-year-old Dylz Junior’s reaction. Both Courtney and Emma admit they would be angry too if they were in their steal-capped shoes.

So now it’s no more Mr/Mrs Nice Guys and the game truly kicks off as all of the teams start on their individual houses.

“Still no regrets that we took their house – well, our house now!” says Emma.

Dyls and Dylz had to swap their house after Emma and Courtney’s game-changing decision.

On Sunday night the teams had their first room reveals of the series in house 5, seeing Niki and Tiff win with their beautiful living space.

Niki and Tiff designed a living room, Dyls and Dylz worked on a dining room design while the other two teams (Emma/Courtney and Sam/Emmett) came up with bedroom themes.

Take a look at the finished rooms from the contestants below.

The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys screens Sundays at 7pm and Monday – Wednesday, 7.30pm on TV3

House 5: Niki and Tiff’s living space got top marks out of the four teams.

House 5: Dyls and Dylz created a sophisticated and warm dining room.

House 5: Emma and Courtney played it safe with this simple yet stylish bedroom.

House 5: Sam and Emmett decided to go bold with colour for their bedroom design.

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