The Block NZ premiere recap

The teams got started on their DIY duties during last night’s premiere of The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys
The Block NZ

This season of The Block NZ promises to have some big shocks in store as the men and women faced off against each other for the first time during last night’s premiere episode.

The four teams – Emma and Courtney, Dylan and Dylan, Niki and Tiffany and Emmett and Sam – got their first look at the houses they’ll be spending most of their time in for the next few weeks.

The run-down properties certainly have a lot of fixing-up to do, with the teams stumbling across what looked to be years’ worth of moisture build-up in the walls during their tour of the site.

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However, that didn’t seem to dampen the teams’ enthusiasm much, and the group promptly got stuck in to their first challenge – renovating one room each in house number five.

After last year’s budget blowout, this time around the teams will have a strict budget to stick to of $11,000. Host Mark Richardson also revealed a final twist – each team will lose a point for every cent they go over budget, putting them down by 100 points for just $1. Talk about pressure!

Niki and Tiff got into an early squabble with builders Dylz and Dyls over floor space, but the girls were quietly confident.

“At the end of the day, we probably will get our own way,” Tiff revealed to the camera.

The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys screens Sundays at 7pm and Monday – Wednesday, 7.30pm on TV3

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