The Block NZ: Meet Emma & Courtney

Get to know Emma and Courtney from The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys

They might not be quite as muscly as their male counterparts, but what Emma Diamond and Courtney MacKay lack in physical strength, they make up for in tough, rugby-playing friends.

Name: Emma Diamond & Courtney MacKay

Ages: 27 and 25

Hometown: Dunedin

Occupation: Emma works for the Otago Rugby Union and Courtney works in Interior Design

Block Strategy: Get the Highlanders to do the heavy lifting!

Advantage: Rugby friends and being underestimated.

The girls on the blue team know their physically small size won’t have them pegged as front-runners right off the bat, but the duo say being underestimated could actually work in their favour.

“If our competitors take us too lightly, it will give us the element of surprise,” Emma, 27, says.

Watch out for this team though, it can’t hurt that Courtney works in interior design – and the two are hoping to get some rugby boys in to help with the heavy lifting, thanks to Courtney’s boyfriend, Highlanders player Joe Wheeler.

Another advantage? The two already live together, so they’re “already in each other’s pockets all the time”.

“Spending hours and hours together shouldn’t be a problem,” says Emma.

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What to expect this year on The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys

On this season of the hit reality series, each DIY duo will be put to the test renovating a 1980s townhouse in the Auckland suburb of Meadowbank. Dyls and Dylz, Niki and Tiff, Emmett and Sam and Emma and Courtney will all be hoping to take out the title after their gruelling stint at Block HQ this year.

The Block NZ 2016 starts on Sunday the 29th of May at 7pm on TV3, hosted by Mark Richardson and Shelley Ferguson with new judges Fiona McLeod and Paul Izzard.

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