The Block NZ: Dyls and Dylz’s controversial move

The boys found themselves in hot water tonight after a controversial decision caused drama at Block HQ
The Block NZ, Dyls and Dylz

If there is drama on The Block NZ, Big Dyls and Dylz Junior usually are involved somehow – and tonight proved no different.

Yes, the boys from The Mount have ruffled more feathers with their tough scoring of Niki and Tiff’s bathroom. The bolshie builders gave the yellow team a zero.


Zip, nada, nothing!

Dyls, 28, is open about their reasoning – they genuinely didn’t like their style – but Niki, 29, thinks their lack of mark isn’t a reflection on their bathroom but more about the orange team’s tactics.

Niki and Tiff were eventually awarded the most points from the judges for their bathroom. Photo: Supplied

“It was quite surprising but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just think it says more about their style and game plan,” says Niki, adding, “I would hope it was strategic, not just that they genuinely thought that it was a hideous bathroom. We’ve got a toilet, a shower, a vanity in there so does that not count for one or two points?”

It’s hard not to think there was some strategy behind the lack of score and now 25-year-old Dylz says they should have been a little nicer with their mark – by actually giving them some!

“It’s how we felt at that point in time, but looking back on it, yeah probably was a little bit harsh. They did have a bath, a basin, and the basic accessories for a bathroom… So we should have really given them a four to be honest, but at the time we were gutted that we didn’t do so well in our bathroom, and we hated theirs, so we gave them a zero.”

The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys screens Sundays at 7pm and Monday – Wednesday, 7.30pm on TV3

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