The Block NZ: Cat & Jeremy take the stage

This DIY duo prove they have a hidden skill up their sleeves!
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After eight weeks of dirty DIY, you would think The Block NZ: Villa Wars contestants would enjoy the change of pace at an entertaining open mic night.

This might’ve been the case, if only challenge host Shelley Ferguson hadn’t delivered the teams the daunting news they would be the main acts!

Each night, the teams will take turns performing a live skit in comedy, circus, music or dance genres with the winning duo taking away a $5000 piece of custom artwork but more importantly, in a Block first, the opportunity to knock one unlucky team out of the running in next week’s room reveal.

Taranaki twosome Cat and Jeremy took to the stage first, with a hilarious Shakespearian rendition of the funniest moments at Block HQ, that rightly-deserved its standing ovation.

But as Cat rightly pointed out, it doesn’t matter how well or terribly your performance goes because when the teams are judging each other it’s anyone’s game.

Given it’s backyard week, Auckland sports stars Jamie and Hayden – who have the biggest garden area, $5000 worth of plants plus $3500 worth of outdoor lights – fear they’ll be the first to be excluded from room reveal if they don’t take out the challenge.

“We have target written all over our forehead,” says Jamie, 23.

But it’s Christchurch-based Brooke and Mitch who are shaking in their boots. The cunning couple, who made the decision to vote strategically at Dinner Wars by scoring all their fellow teammates a zero, are certain karma’s about to catch up with them.

This time around, banker Brooke has declared she wants to play fair and square, but her boy Mitch isn’t so convinced…

They wouldn’t dare to the dirty again, would they? Tune in tonight to see how they do!

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