Meet The Block NZ 2018 contestants Chlo and Em

Em has a weakness for cute tradies and Chlo loves to twerk!

Meet Chlo, 25, and Em, 25, best friends from Palmerston North.

Chlo is an office coordinator and Em is a business owner. Together these girls believe their ability to sweet talk their way into and out of everything, can-do attitudes and good banter will be their key to success on The Block NZ.

The practical half of the BFF duo, Chlo is super-organised and loves ‘To Do’ lists. When she’s not walking her pet dog Django, she loves to paint and design. She describes her style as ‘vintage finds mixed with modern touches’.

Em is no stranger to DIY, recently renovating her first house where she lives with her three flatmates. Em says owning and renovating her own house has taught her a lot about time management. She is also a serial hugger – and says she has a weakness for cute tradies!

Chlo says her habit of laughing at inappropriate times can get her into trouble. She is known to drink multiple cups of coffee every day and loves twerking any place, anytime. Chlo says she’ll struggle being away from her partner Angus.

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