Our broody Bachelorette: 'David Attenborough is my dream man'

The latest Kiwi reality queen Lexie Brown is desperate to start a family

By Sebastian van der Zwan
When Woman's Day heard the new leading lady of The Bachelorette NZ was just as comfortable on the farm as she was on a red carpet, we decided to put her to the test, dressing Lexie Brown in a ball gown for an exclusive shoot in rural Riverhead, West Auckland.
And the 31-year-old from Wellington passed the task with flying colours, laughing as she stepped over cowpats and even a dead rat while posing for our shots, watched on by cows, goats and a couple of cute kunekune pigs.
Perched atop a cattle run, Lexie wonders aloud, "I hope the goats will talk to me," before winning them over with the roses intended for our photos!
Ahead of the TVNZ 2 dating show's launch, we find out why this brunette beauty is still single and what it'll take to win her heart…
Jumping right out of her comfort zone, Lexie admits, "It's not really in my nature to date a lot or do a reality show."
Your bio says you're adventurous. What's the wildest thing you've ever done?
Probably packing up my life so many times! My whole twenties have been an adventure. When I finished uni, I went to Sydney for six months for a PR internship. I also worked as a brand and marketing manager in London for three years, and was a live-in nanny for a really cool family in Bordeaux, France, for six months. And I taught English in Japan, in a small town the size of Taihape, where I was the only foreigner, which was a really authentic, life-changing experience.
And you recently returned home from Canada…
Yeah, I'd been a ski instructor at Whistler for two years when everyone lost their jobs because of the global pandemic. It was pretty sad, however, I'd had a good run. I feel pretty fortunate compared to those people who haven't had the chanceto travel yet.
What was it like dating over there?
I wouldn't know – I had a boyfriend in Whistler! He was a Kiwi. We moved over together, but it just wasn't right and we broke up before I came home in April. I haven't dated here because I've been focused on catching up with family and friends, and readjusting to life back home.
Have the constant moves got in the way of you finding love?
It's more that a Kiwi guy is a really good fit for me and sometimes being overseas hinders meeting Kiwi guys! I always knew I was coming home. I love New Zealand and can't live far away from my family. My most treasured memory is being at our bach on Oˉhope Beach in the Bay of Plenty. I loved my childhood and my upbringing, and I want the same for my future family.
So you're feeling clucky?
One hundred percent. I'd like lots of children. I joke about having 10, but I'm 31, so obviously I can't squeeze that many out between now and the end of my ovaries! I'm excited about having a family one day.
'I just love meeting guys in real life - there's a magic to it!'
Have you been scouring the apps for a baby daddy?
I've never used a dating app! I went from zero to hero – straight to a reality show! I've got friends on those apps and I don't know many people who have a good time. I just love meeting people in real life – there's a magic to it!
Did you watch the last season of The Bachelorette?
I binged it after I moved home, but I didn't pick up any tips. I really want my season to be my own and not shaped by anything I'd seen. It's not really in my nature to date a lot or do a reality show, but at the same time, it's classic me because I'm off on a new adventure.
What's the most romantic thing someone's ever done for you?
I went on a first date and the guy didn't know what I liked to eat, so he'd booked five restaurants. Then on the date, I picked one and he cancelled the others. Also, a pilot once took me flying in a two-seater plane on our first date. That was amazing, but a little terrifying. I thought I'd be sick at one point.
What's been your worst date?
I've only ever had one bad date – I don't muck around with rubbish! He was bizarre, very rude and self-centred. He talked about his ex-girlfriend a lot. I'm not sure why he even asked me out on a date. I saw him about a year later, crossing the road in the middle of Trafalgar Square. He got hit by a car and landed in front of me.
What's your idea of a dream date?
Breakfast beers, brunch, dogs, different countries, the ocean, blueberries…
The former ski instructor says she's only been on one bad date - let's hope her luck continues!
If you could invite absolutely anyone over for dinner, who would it be?
Sir David Attenborough. Who doesn't like him? He's done so much for the world, and he's so likeable, interesting and warm. I love animals, especially dogs – they're sweet souls who bring joy.
Have you always wanted to be famous?
I've never thought so, but I guess there'll be a certain level of being in the public eye with this show! If I could choose, I'd want to be known for doing good stuff – like Sir David! This could be the stepping stone…
What's the greatest accomplishment of your life?
All my relationships – not romantically, but with friends and family. It's what I'm most proud of and what keeps me going. You don't have much in life if you don't have each other.
You're obviously pretty comfortable on the farm…
Oh, yeah, my grandparents had an orchard in Kawerau, my mum now has a few acres and her partner's family has dairy farms. I'm super-comfy living outside of the city – or on a boat!
Where could we take you that would make you uncomfortable?
Somewhere small and claustrophobic. If I can't stand up straight or have to squeeze through a gap, it's not my favourite. So let's not go caving for our next shoot!

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