The Bachelor NZ: Jessica and Rosie reveal all

After a shocking double elimination last night, we catch up with Jessica and Rosie to get the goss on their time on The Bachelor NZ.
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There were fewer roses and more tears on last night’s episode of The Bachelor New Zealand, where a shocking double-elimination saw both Jessica and Rosie sent home.

Despite the sizzling chemistry the girls shared with Zac Franich early on, the jilted bachelorettes both agree they felt their connections fading.

Born and raised in England, pageant queen Jess – who famously gifted the Bachelor a cup of “novel-tea” the first night they met – says she couldn’t compete with the other girls.

“I felt like we definitely had something to begin with,” says the 23-year-old, who was the bachelorette to score the very first one-on-one date, “but as the weeks went on, he built stronger connections with the other girls and mine just kind of fizzled out.

“I felt shaded by the rest of the girls, and naturally I pulled back because I could see there wasn’t enough there.”

It’s a sentiment shared by psychology student Rosie, who waited nine long weeks for Zac to take her on a sole date.

“We just didn’t get enough time together and the connection we had enough wasn’t strong enough to last without that. Plus, I was always more myself with Zac off-camera, which is so annoying.

“I was just too late in the game to find love,” adds the 23-year-old, “but that’s OK.”

Indeed, despite being sent home without a rose, the gal pals have only good things to say about the show’s leading man, who they agree will be a friend for life.

“He’s an honest, genuine, kind and funny guy,” says Jess.

Adds Rosie, “He’s really intuitive and always gets a sense of how everyone is filming. It didn’t work out for us, but Jess and I are both rooting for you.”

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