Sam Wallace wins Celebrity Treasure Island 2019

He's only gone and won the thing.
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It could have been anyone’s game really.

While laser-focused Sam Wallace had been gunning for a win from day one, proving throughout the game there was little he wouldn’t do to get there, Shannon Ryan had given her seal of approval and all but one of her clues to the gentle giant Shane Cameron.

Even lovable underdog Gary Freeman was in with a serious chance, betting on a unique strategy to get him across the line.

“I do think I can win this, but by working as a team, and I don’t think that’s been done before. I’ll give it my best crack – I’ll go close.”

After a frantic race that saw the last men standing scrambling across the ocean and Treasure Island itself, solving clues along the way it was Sam Wallace who uncovered the buried treasure first, earning the coveted title of Celebrity Treasure Island winner for 2019 and earning $100,000 for his chosen charity the Starship Foundation.

Watch Sam take out the win. Story continues below:

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Throughout the game Sam proved himself to be a fierce competitor who remained focused on the end goal of winning rather than making nice with the other competitors.

“I am the most competitive person in the entire world and I’ve already said I am prepared to eye-gauge to win!”

Sam’s victory was a massive accomplishment considering he told Woman’s Day that despite spending 13 weeks in the gym preparing for the show he wasn’t sure he had the right skills to bring home a win, “I don’t know how to catch fish or build a hut,” he confessed.

“If this was real life, I would die – but at least I’d die looking good!”

He’s done it!

Regardless Sam was eager to give it a red hot go.

“It’s a chance to prove to people that I am above average. That I’m smarter than the average bear. That I’m tougher than Shane Cameron – what an opportunity!”

As well as proving his competitors wrong, Sam was thrilled to take out the win for his chosen charity, The Starship Foundation, who he credits with saving his nephews life.

“My little nephew had two heart surgeries when he was first born and now he’s five years old and he’s happy, he’s healthy and an above-average bear. Like his uncle!”

Sam said the win was one of the proudest days of his life, though he was careful not to compare it to the birth of his beloved son Brando.

Runner up Shane Cameron was grateful for the experience on the island no matter the outcome, “The reward for me is meeting these great people.”

Gary Freeman agreed Sam was a deserving winner, “You’ve got to be happy for Sam, he’s done a great job”.

But what does the first Celebrity Treasure Island winner in a decade think viewers will think of his win?

“I think I’m just gonna come across as an ass!”

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