My Kitchen Rules Australia: Team kicked off mid-season after ‘heated altercation’

The drama has begun well before the show has gone to air.
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Looks like the new season of My Kitchen Rules Australia is causing quite a stir months before it has even aired. An all-female team has been kicked off the show during filming of the upcoming season as a result of “inappropriate conduct”.

There was a reported heated altercation off-air with an all-male team in a Launceston hotel, according to an insider who spoke with Daily Telegraph.

The incident occurred last month and in front of other MKR contestants and hotel guests. The insider alleges that one contestant overhead comments being made by the men from their room.

“The woman then started banging on the door,” the source said.

The two teams had been clashing throughout the season and had several on-air confrontations.

A meeting was reportedly held to investigate the incident, and it was deemed that one contestant “crossed a line”.

“That behaviour was well beyond the limits of what is deemed acceptable,” the insider told The Daily Telegraph.

“Someone crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed,” confirmed Seven’s head of publicity Susan Wood.

The female team was then asked to leave the series, the first time in the show’s history, with production continuing with seven teams instead of eight.

The show will air in Australia at the end of January and will feature the axed contestants until they leave in week four of the series.

TV2 has confirmed it will be screening the show in New Zealand in 2018.

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