Michael Galvin thinks Jimmy Kimmel’s Shorty Street viral twist is hilarious

The Shortland Street actor thinks the scene that's been given the Hollywood treatment by Jimmy Kimmel is great.
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The Shortland Street scene that’s now become a viral hit around the world has been given the Hollywood treatment by late night show host Jimmy Kimmel.

The show host sent up the now-infamous “please tell me that’s not your penis” scene with pals Alec Baldwin and Guillermo.

Michael Warner, who has played Dr Chris Warner on the long-running drama since its inception, told Stuff he was thrilled with the extra publicity.

“I think it’s crazy, it’s hilarious, it’s great publicity for the show, but it’s a bit mental, really.”

The original scene which has now gone viral, ended on a tense scene between Dr Chris Warner confronting his teenage son Harry over nude pictures he’s found synced to his tablet.

Watch the original cliffhanger from Shortland Street. Article continues after video.

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The spoof of the viral clip aired on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live in the US on Wednesday night.

When asked about how he felt having Alec Baldwin play him, Michael said he didn’t think the Saturday Night Live actor, who sends up Donald Trump, was recognising him as such.

“Alec Baldwin is terrific. He is a wonderful dramatic actor; the comedy stuff he’s been doing, like for Saturday Night Live is just terrific, but I don’t really feel honoured, I guess I just feel noticed,” Michael said.

Check out the the hilarious American take on the scene in the video above!

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