MAFS’ Sarah Roza confirms her heartbreaking split with Telv Williams

We were all hoping these two would pull through, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.
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Between Tracey and Dean’s on-again, off-again antics, to Troy and Ash’s tumultuous attempt at pulling off a reality-TV marriage, Married At First Sight viewers everywhere were gunning for Sarah Roza and Telv Williams to go the distance.

But sadly it wasn’t meant to be, with Sarah taking to social media to confirm reports that the pair have in fact split.

“On the back of what has been such an extraordinary experience it is with great heartache, regret and sadness that Telv and are no longer together,” she wrote.

“As you undoubtedly saw, my heart was completely committed to this before I even met my husband and it was absolutely set on fire once I did meet him.”

She then went on to (albeit vaguely) detail what went wrong in the couple’s relationship, stating that she is only able to “heal” because of the love and support she is receiving from her friends and family.

“Being surrounded by friends and family is providing a safe haven for me now. This is so I can heal and continue to carry on living a upstanding and happy life.”

“An experiment like this forces you to reveal exactly who you are. For me, I’m so proud of my resilience, decency, compassion and my loyalty,” she continued.

Despite a few ups and downs, Sarah and Telv were one of the strongest couples this season.

“I know that nobody is perfect yet I am at that stage in my life where the foundation of basic respect and support from my partner is crucial. As a woman I know what I truly deserve and I just can’t allow my innate standards to be compromised.”

“I truly wish only the absolute best for Telv because I undoubtedly will always love and care very deeply for him, but ultimately I deserve someone who shares the same life goals and aspirations as I do.”

Sarah and Telv just a few weeks ago at a Melbourne fashion show.

The post, including the promise she is making to herself to uphold self-care, continued…

“Whilst I didn’t find lasting love it has surprised me that I did in fact find something much more important: my inner strength. This honestly was the most challenging and intensely emotional undertaking that I’ve ever committed to. I’ve ‘walked through fire’ more times than I ever imagined I would.”

“While it saddens me that it didn’t work out, I do know the right man for me is out there somewhere looking for me too. I still believe in my happily ever after and that I’m deserving of a pure and committed love.”

“I will always be eternally grateful that our paths crossed in this way as I feel that I have learnt so much about myself and grown exponentially as a person. I’m honoured to have been a part of this incredible life changing journey & I’m thrilled to embrace the next exciting chapter in my life…”

We wish you all the best in your quest for love, Sarah.

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