Married at First Sight NZ: The cocktail party continues

“I just have no idea what to do."
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Emotions ran high at the continuation of the cocktail party tonight on Married at First Sight NZ.

We had been left feeling confused about what was next for Luke and Lacey after Lacey abruptly walked out on him in last week’s episode.

Tonight picked up where last week’s episode left off with Luke left alone and feeling frustrated on the couch while Lacey cried in the bathroom with Bel comforting her.

“The cocktail party has probably been up there with one of the worst experiences I’ve had,” Luke says.

“I tried to talk to Lacey, and she definitely wasn’t happy with me.”

Luke is determined to let Lacey know he is there for the right reasons, however Lacey is still not convinced.

“You know that was his chance to come and be honest and open, and he laughed at everything,” Lacey says to Bel.

“He thinks it’s a joke and it’s my life.”

Lacey telling Luke that her family “thinks he’s a joke.”

Meanwhile, Andrew is remaining positive about his marriage to Vicky even after their bumpy honeymoon.

“Vicky and I have had our ups and downs, but we seem to iron things out quite well, and this is exactly what we needed, just a breather,” he says.

However, Andrew is aware that the physical connection between him and Vicky isn’t there yet but he still has hope.

“We connect on any emotional level quite high but on a physical level just not yet,” he tells Haydn.

Vicky isn’t quite so hopeful.

“He’s super lovely, like super super lovely,” she says.

But when Ben jumps in and tells Vicky that Andrew is “cute”, Vicky shakes her head in disagreement.

“I’m not attracted to him at all,” she says.

“I mean he’s handsome, I’ll give him that.”

Vicky’s reaction when Ben says her husband is “cute.” Uh oh.

On a lighter note, loved-up couple Brett and Angel are in their own bubble and staying clear of the drama.

The two are nestled together on the couch chatting about the night so far.

“They’re organising all these nights to hang out and I’m like, nah, just want to hang out with you, I don’t want to hang out with them” Brett says. (Adorable!)

The pair are asked by Aaron what their plans are on Saturday night and Brett leans in towards Angel.

“Yeah I’m not going out without you. (Aaron) Bugger that,” he says.

“Like I’m kinda just looking forward to watching Stranger Things with you,” Angel replies.

Talk about the sweetest couple ever!

These two are just perfect for each other!

Ben and Aaron are still very much on the rocks with both the boys telling the other couples how each are feeling towards the marriage.

“I’m not like, into the person I was matched with, like we’re not compatible, we’re different people – completely different people,” Ben says.

Aaron is still trying to make it work with Ben by being affectionate towards him, however it’s clear Ben is not as interested.

“I compromise and compromise and compromise, and try to keep him happy but I don’t get anything in return,” Aaron says.

There’s a clear disinterest from Ben towards Aaron.

Sweetheart Dominic is the hero of the night, dishing out hugs to everyone and determined to help make things right between Luke and Lacey.

He also sheds many tears over the couple due to his empathetic nature.

Dominic offering advice to Lacey with a tissue in hand (and it’s not for her).

Although Claire and Dominic are content as a couple, you can see that Claire is beginning to get a little fed up and almost embarrassed by Dominic’s emotions.

“Hey, hey, they’re big people,” she tells him.

Claire also jokingly tells Dominic to harden up. It’s obvious she’s also feeling slightly neglected with Dominic putting a lot of his time and energy into the other couples.

But don’t lose hope, Dominic and Claire are still very much loved up.

“I think the world of Claire, and we’re having the best time,” Dominic says.

Claire comforting Dominic.

Bel and Haydn have had a rough ride, with their honeymoon ending in tears. However, the two seem reasonably content and close at the cocktail party.

Haydn and Bel get cosy together.

Bel even tells Haydn that she misses sleeping with him and he agrees. (Maybe there’s hope for these two after all!)

“It’s been awesome to be here with her, and not doing it alone tonight,” Haydn says.

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As the night comes to a close, the girls decide they’re going out for a “girls night” and the boys aren’t invited. Oh, except Ben, he’s invited.

Aaron however is confused.

“Is this like a separate thing?” he asks Ben.

“I just wanted to spend the night with you, that’s all.”

But Ben seems eager to leave and isn’t interested in reciprocating Aaron’s hug.

Ben begins to get stressed trying to find his wallet while Aaron still tries to kiss him.

The morning after we see the couples all in very different predicaments.

Aaron hasn’t seen Ben since the night before and Lacey and Luke also spent the night apart.

Claire is in hospital due to possible complications with her appendix, leaving Dominic worried – and Vicky and Andrew happily spent the night together.

Angel and Brett are completely loved up and Bel and Haydn’s relationship took a nasty turn.

Talk about a series of events!

“I have found out that he has been messaging one of the other wives and agreeing that they should have been matched – not us,” Bel says through tears.

Poor Bel!

Next we see the therapy sessions.

Brett and Angel are first up and look very out of place at the therapy session due to their big smiles. Seriously guys, you’re way too cute!

“We couldn’t be happier aye,” says Brett.

“I remember wishing for this when I was younger and you never think it’s possible,” Angel says.

Brett and Angel are all smiles in therapy together.

Aaron and Ben have a tense session.

“We didn’t really spend a lot of time together at the cocktail party,” says Aaron.

“There were times where I would come up and try and sit with you and try and talk to you, and it was like trying to come into the circle, and that was a bit difficult.”

The boys both agree that they’re still in it 100 per cent and willing to make it work. However, although Ben is nodding his head in agreement, the rest of his body language suggests otherwise.

We guess we’ll see what happens, boys!

Ben rolls his eyes during the therapy session.

Luke and Lacey are next for therapy. Luke offers Lacey a hug as she walks in and Lacey declines. Ouch.

“Lacey hates me,” Luke says.

“That’s kinda unfair and uncalled for,” Lacey responds.

Luke explains that he wants to talk and be honest but believes he hasn’t been given the chance and that he never intended to hurt Lacey.

Lacey believes Luke hasn’t put enough effort into their marriage.

“We had a honeymoon where we spent a fair amount of time together and for you to not even ask questions about me, you have no idea who I am as a person, and it’s almost like you didn’t care,” she says to Luke.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way. There’s no way that’s my intention, and I never wanna do that,” Luke says.

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“And one thing I am gutted about is that I never actually opened up to you. There were moments where I felt like I was getting really close but like I told you, I’ve got my guard up and I use humour as a defence, and it does frustrate me when I overuse that.”

Points for being vulnerable and honest, Luke!

What a cliffhanger! We’re left very unsure about the future of Luke and Lacey once again.

It’s safe to say the next episode is going to be an intense one!

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