‘I’m unsure whether it’s a romantic thing or a friendship thing’ – Vicky and Andrew’s rocky honeymoon

Despite the hiccups, there's still hope for Vicky and Andrew.
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Although Vicky wasn’t entirely sure about Andrew at their wedding, she still has high hopes for the two of them and is willing to take a shot.

The Married At First Sight NZ stars head to beautiful Waiheke Island for their honeymoon.

Vicky is in high spirits upon arriving. “I’m really happy to be here with Andrew, we’re just always talking there’s just never a silent moment, never an awkward moment.”

Andrew playfully picks up Vicky and pretends to throw her in the pool. “Don’t you dare, you monkey!” she laughs.

The newly married couple seem to be getting along reasonably well so far.

“There’s quite a few hugs, and there’s a little bit of kisses but I think he’s more initiating them then I am, cause i’m just wanting to take it quite slow,” Vicky says.

They sit down for a romantic dinner.

Vicky all smiles during her dinner with husband Andrew.

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Andrew tells Vicky the types of women he went for before her. “Bubbly, fun, someone who has a bit of class, someone that polishes me up.”

“You need some polishing,” Vicky says jokingly (but definitely low-key seriously).

Vicky isn’t shy about what she wants. “Actually, speaking of polishing, how would you feel about getting like a nice haircut?”

“Obviously you like a nice groomed guy, and I’m not that groomed at the moment. If you wanna do that then I’m open to it,” says Andrew.

Vicky is pleased, and she finds herself more attracted to Andrew because of it. “I can see that he’s really trying to please me, I think that’s really sweet,” she says.

“For me it’s been like, maybe the first time that I’ve felt like any kind of little bit of spark, like just a little bit. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know maybe it’s the fact that he’s going to let me cut his hair!” (Oh dear, and she hasn’t even seen Andrew’s house yet).

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Andrew is smitten by Vicky.

The next day, the two go for a walk on the beach.

Vicky brings up that she’s not sure she’s falling for Andrew just yet.

“It’s only day four, I’m not going to say I’m fully in love with you. To be honest, I’m kind of fighting with myself on whether this is, like more romantic or more of a friendship,” she says.

Andrew jumps to his defense. “I don’t think you put yourself out there a lot. I put my feelings on the line a little bit.”

He asks Vicky what she thinks they should do, however Vicky looks blank and doesn’t respond.

Vicky and Andrew at the beach.

Emotions are running high for the newly married couple. Vicky finds out her sister is in labour and she gets a little bit upset that she’s not able to be there.

However, Andrew is impressed with the way Vicky is handling things.

“I cannot speak high enough about a woman that is being here, on an island with a guy she’s getting to know, but she’s known her sister her whole life obviously and she’s put that aside for me, that’s so impressive” Too cute, Andrew!

The pair then sit down for breakfast and talk seriously on the last day of their honeymoon.

Andrew and Vicky talk about their feelings towards one another.

They discuss physical connection, Andrew claims it’s fine that the physical side of things aren’t there yet, however, Vicky is worried.

“I am very worried about the lack of physical connection, and it’s not for his lack of trying, because he does show me a lot of affection,” she says.

Vicky explains that her emotions were running high after hearing she wasn’t there for her sister’s birth, and that she may have been cold to Andrew.

“We went out to dinner and things got a bit heated, there was a few words that were spoken and he said to me, ‘why am I so cruel’, which I don’t think I’m a cruel person,” she says.

Vicky then expresses the way that made her feel to Andrew and begins to cry.

“You say you didn’t mean to say that to me, but it’s still quite upsetting.”

Andrew begins to feel bad. “It was such a bad thing to say. I just said it on a whim.”

Vicky leaves the table, leaving Andrew stressed and also crying.

Andrew is left emotional after Vicky leaves the table upset.

“She’s not a cruel person at all, and I really upset her, and that’s really upsetting me you know,” Andrew says through tears.

But don’t lose hope! Vicky still seems optimistic about her marriage to Andrew.

“As much as there are like a couple hiccups and a couple bad things, we still have a lot in common,” she says.

Vicky approaches Andrew on the balcony and the two hug, asking if one another are okay, a heart warming moment.

Vicky and Andrew make up.

“I haven’t cried in years,” Andrew says, “because I haven’t had anyone to cry about in years. But there’s obviously something going on inside of my heart I guess, I don’t know.”

Vicky has a change of heart. “I’m not about to give up so easily, there are some really great things about Andrew and he is always quite caring, quite considerate. I know how my feelings are at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to change.”

It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for you, Vicky and Andrew!

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