Pizza in bed and jokes for Married at First Sight’s second couples

Things are a little less frosty for Andrew and Vicky while Brett and Angel are still beaming.
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It’s the morning after the night before on Married at First Sight NZ and Andrew and Vicky are a lot more at ease with each other than they were on their wedding night.

After some trepidation about their sleeping arrangements earlier in the evening, Andrew reveals that he and Vicky slept in the same bed together “and I’ll leave it at that.”

Wearing a sleeveless camouflage hoodie and a backwards cap, Andrew tries to impress his new bride by bringing her pizza in bed.

“She’s pretty much the full package,” says Andrew.

Vicky seems a bit more relaxed and says while they are getting on well, there’s no physical attraction at this stage.

“He just feels like a good mate at the moment.”

Meanwhile, after their “12 out of 10” wedding day Brett and Angel wake up still smitten with each other, joking about who was snoring.

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“She just laughs at all my jokes which is great,” Brett tells us, clearly still happy with his new bride.

Angel is equally beaming about how the experts have done in matching her with Brett.

“It felt like we already knew each other… It just felt kinda natural.”

“I definitely see someone who is committed to this full experience,” she adds.

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