Married at First Sight NZ: Couples reunite at cocktail party

“You lied to me and to all of my friends and family."
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It’s back to reality for the Married at First Sight NZ couples this week, after they each spent seven days away on honeymoons that ranged from delightful to disastrous.

Happily married Brett and Angel were the first newlyweds to arrive back in Auckland for the couples’ cocktail party.

The couple were glowing as they settled in to their room, and we struggled to hold back the ‘naaawhs’ while Brett mentioned how thrilled he was to have bonded so well with his wife.

These two!

“Everything’s going amazing, I couldn’t ask for it to be any better right now,” Brett gushed.

“We’re on a massive high from the wedding and you’re just kind of gliding on the clouds,” a smitten Angel added.

The match who are made in heaven, revealed that they both love doing everyday activities like supermarket shopping together.

Then Brett proved himself to be the man of every woman’s dreams when he came home with not one, but two packets of hair ties for Angel.

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It may be all unicorns and rainbows for this pair, but several other couples seem to be caught up in thunderstorms.

Speaking of storms – a brooding Haydn arrived back in the big city after making his own way home from he and Bel’s nightmare honeymoon.

He was troubled by the thought of turning up to the cocktail party alone, especially because their partnership had started with so much promise.

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“My wife’s not engaging with me at the moment. It’s hard to read where she’s at, she’s acting like she can’t stand me,” he said.

Bel felt the same way, and said the whole situation made her want out.

“It’s been pretty rocky. When we met it was just this instant attraction and so great, but I just don’t know if it’s going to work out.”

Haydn is unsure about how things are going to go with Bel.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Vicky returned from their honeymoon unified but swaying awkwardly in and out of the friend zone.

Andrew was jokingly curious to see how many other couples had fallen in love.

But Vicky was less than amused and couldn’t wait to meet up with the other couples.

Vicky and Andrew head into the cocktail party together.

“He’s driving me a little bit crazy, I’m losing my patience already and it’s only been one week.”

“I don’t want to be glued to the hip, not tonight,” she said.

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After an intense week together for Ben and Aaron, the couple looked relieved to be home.

“It hasn’t been great, we get along but bringing it on to a relationship level has not gone anywhere,” a disappointed Aaron admitted.

Ben and Aaron.

Ben’s mood improved significantly upon his return to Auckland and he said the honeymoon had made him feel cut off.

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Things were going a bit more swimmingly for Dom and Claire who seemed quite content with each other.

“It’s everything on paper that I would want. He’s kind, he’s thoughtful, he’s very loving and supportive,” Claire said.

Dom cracked jokes about catching up with the youngsters of the show to see how their relationships were progressing.

Claire and Dominic.

“I really want to know what’s been going down, and Claire does too, we are nosy people,” he said.

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“I really want to know what’s been going down, and Claire does too, we are nosy people,” he said.

When we last saw Luke he said wife Lacey had fled their honeymoon.

It’s safe to say that Luke and Lacey were the least excited for the cocktail party, considering they hadn’t talked since their Rotorua honeymoon.

Relations went south for the pair after Lacey became fed up with Luke’s jokes and heard he had gone on the show for the wrong reasons.

Couples started to trickle into the cocktail party, but Luke and Lacey came separately and spent the majority of the evening avoiding each other.

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Father figure Dom later convinced the pair to properly talk it out, but once they did, all hell broke loose.

“You lied to me and to all of my friends and family. The only reason that you’re on this show is so that you can become a famous comedian,” a hostile Lacey said.

Luke emphasised that he was there for the right reasons.

A hug for Lacey from Daddy Dom.

“I came on this ultimately to meet someone, to fall in love, the same reason that anyone else should be doing this.”

But Lacey was unconvinced.

“My family think you’re a joke and are so disappointed.”

Talk about a rough week for Luke! Only time will tell if they can get past their differences.

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Scroll down for more photos from the cocktail party.

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