Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight Australia bride Natasha Spencer is devastated after getting caught up in 'sex tape' scandal

The 26-year-old financial adviser says her mental health has suffered since the scandal broke.

Married At First Sight Australia bride Natasha Spencer has been left devastated after finding herself at the centre of a 'sex tape' scandal.
The 26-year-old financial adviser, who married Mikey Pembroke on the reality TV series, reportedly fought back tears as she revealed to Woman's Day Australia that a former lover had leaked a video online of her nude and cuddling up to him.
She said it had left her "feeling gutted".
"I was first notified of the video circulating last week," Natasha told the publication.
"A close friend of mine who works in construction told me the video was being passed around by tradies."
She said that since the scandal broke she has been subjected to vile online abuse, with trolls labelling her a s..t.
But while the backlash has left Natasha feeling devastated, the online abuse has not surprised her, she said.
"I've faced this sort of sexism in the corporate world. On the surface women are encouraged to embrace their sexuality and to not be embarrassed of enjoying sex but the minute we do... we're torn down."
She said she hopes her situation will serve as a warning to others to not get in front of the camera during intimacy with a partner.
"It's absolutely a warning to everyone, don't do it!" she declared. "By all means enjoy sex, get what you want, but don't get behind the camera!"
Natasha's mental health has suffered as a result of the backlash, with the former bikini model revealing she has become panicky and anxious. She has asked Endemol Shine, the company that produces the ratings juggernaut, to provide her with psychological support.
MAFS NZ bride Anna Saxton knows only too well the toll a scandal like this can take on your mental health.
Anna became the victim of vicious online abuse after her entire MAFS journey with TV husband Jordan Dare was dominated by Anna's revelation that she'd made a sex tape with a former partner from LA, who had then shared the tape with his mates.
In an interview with Now To Love after the series wrapped, Anna explained that she'd been advised by the show's creators to come clean about the tape on air because that was a better option than having the media find out and break the story.
And so not only did she tell Jordan about it on national television, she also told her parents and new inlaws.
The online bullying began as soon as Anna's bombshell episode aired and then only got progressively worse as the series continued.
"I got nice messages but I also got a lot of really awful messages," Anna revealed. "I'm a very sensitive person and I feel everything so intensely. And then it was also my family. My nana was having a hard time dealing with it and she ended up having some health issues due to stress which was hard for me to take. I noticed my mental health going down a lot."
While Jordan was hugely supportive, and so were her family and friends, by the time the reality TV series had finished Anna was afraid to leave her house and had begun having suicidal thoughts.
"That's when I knew I had to do something about it. That's when I went to my doctor and asked for help," she says.
Anna, who is no longer with Jordan, was put on medication to treat anxiety and depression. She also began having regular counselling sessions with Tony Jones, who was one of the two MAFS experts.