MAFS’ Sam and Tayler go from strength to strength as Tayler plans to move cities for love

''Having Tayler means I’m not alone. He’s my rock.''

It was the romantic revival no-one saw coming – Samuel Levi and Tayler Morgan revealing at the Married At First Sight NZ reunion dinner that they’d rekindled their relationship. And they owe it all to quitting the experiment that married them in the first place.

Fashion influencer Sam, 25, explains, “We were struggling with the pressure of the cameras and having all the other couples around us. We were emotionally drained.”

Apprentice electrician Tayler, 29, continues, “As soon as we put our hearts on the table, there was a massive weight off our shoulders. Our moods changed.”

Congrats! The honeymoon’s just begun for Tayler and Sam.

So much so that the couple even ended up spending the night of their break-up together – and yes, they have progressed to sharing a bed.

“The attraction is there,” says Sam, before Tayler quickly adds, “We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.”

While they have separate plans for the holidays, Tayler will likely move from Christchurch to Sam’s hometown of Auckland next year.

The word “love” has yet to be spoken, but Tayler insists, “Love comes.” Sam interrupts, “Not soon, but eventually.”

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In the meantime, Sam is leaning on Tayler amid the online backlash he’s experienced from MAFS fans. He tells, “My job is social media, so I thought I knew how to handle it, but I’ve struggled. People have told me to kill myself, which has affected my mental health.

I haven’t been eating or sleeping properly, and I haven’t been to the gym for three weeks. Having Tayler means I’m not alone. He’s my rock.”

His boyfriend adds, “Online bullying is not OK. I’m not a violent person, but if people said these things to him in the street, I’d want to punch them in the face. It makes me physically sick when I see Sam upset.”

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