The truth about MAFS stars Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer’s cheating scandal

''I have told him to have a big think about what he wants.''
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Married At First Sight fans have been left reeling after season nine couple Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer’s relationship seemed to implode when he was caught kissing another woman.

Footage of Jackson locking lips with the mystery woman – later identified as Hannah Hughes – went viral over the weekend, after they were spotted making out in a bar in Melbourne.

The clip sparked plenty of drama, with other MAFS alumni weighing in and one even calling it a “publicity stunt”, while Olivia herself was left “speechless” by Jackson’s act.

So are the couple still together after the scandal? And what does Jackson have to say for himself? Read on to find out.

Jackson recently cheated on Olivia. (Image: Instagram)

Who was Jackson Lonie caught kissing?

Jackson was on a night out in Melbourne when someone caught him on video with his arms around a brunette woman, Hannah, kissing her passionately.

Hannah shared the clip to social media where it quickly went viral, with plenty of MAFS fans wondering where Olivia was.

The couple appeared to have been out together in Melbourne on Friday night, sharing multiple snaps to Instagram, but Olivia was nowhere to be seen when Jackson was pashing Hannah.

Speaking to So Dramatic!, the young woman said: “I didn’t even know if they were still together. I was just having a good night out I did not expect this.”

She also confirmed the kiss was mutual, telling the Daily Mail: “The kiss was innocent, a two way street. It wasn’t anything more than that. Jackson seems like a nice guy and I have nothing bad to say on his behalf.”

Jackson was on a night out in Melbourne when he was filmed kissing a woman named Hannah. (Image: Instagram)

How did Olivia Frazer react?

After footage of the kiss blew up online, Olivia was “speechless” but appears to be standing by her man.

“We’re still together… I have told him to have a big think about what he wants,” she told the Daily Mail.

While the couple appear to still be together at the time of writing, fans on social media are already predicting a split in the coming days or weeks.

In the meantime, both Olivia and Jackson have been eerily quiet on social media and several outlets reported the couple are “taking a break”.

What did Domenica Calarco say about the scandal?

Despite public outrage aimed at Jackson over the kiss, fellow MAFS bride Domencia insists the whole scandal was a carefully orchestrated publicity stunt.

Taking to Facebook, she commented on a post about the kiss: “Max Markson publicity stunt right here.”

She was referring to Jackson and Olivia’s talent agent, Max Markson, and doubled down with a snarky tweet soon after.

“Kris Jenner works hard, but Max Markson works harder,” she wrote, though there’s no concrete evidence Max had anything to do with the scandal.

However, some fans share Domenica’s perspective, musing that the scandal may have been intended to flip public perception of Olivia from a MAFS “villain” to a more sympathetic victim of cheating.

A small group of vocal MAFS fans have stood behind Olivia. (Image: Instagram)

What do MAFS fans think?

One look at social media makes it clear where MAFS fans stand on the drama, with people flooding Twitter and Instagram with comments claiming Olivia “deserved” to be cheated on.

“I’m surprised that it lasted this long. I detest both of them so I don’t know if I feel sorry for either of them,” one tweeted.

Another chimed in: “I don’t blame Jackson, if I was stuck with that b—ch I’d be looking for a way out too.”

Others insist, like Domenica, that it was all just a publicity stunt to boost the couple’s profile.

“Honestly at this point it’s pathetic for Olivia and Jackson to create this publicity stunt to gain more attention #MAFSAU,” one person tweeted.

But a small group of vocal MAFS fans have stood behind Olivia, saying that no one deserves to be cheated on regardless of their TV persona.

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