The defining moments that sum up Wayne and Ksenia’s rocky marriage in MAFS NZ

It started with the wedding night warning to sleep with one eye open...
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When Ksenia Smorodinova walked down the aisle towards her groom, Wayne McIntosh, in Married At First Sight NZ we couldn’t have felt more hope for this new couple. Wayne was clearly mesmerised by Ksenia’s beauty and Ksenia seemed impressed with her husband’s great sense of humour.

Happily, Wayne’s surname, McIntosh, was close to the one Ksenia wanted and even though things were awkward, Ksenia thought Wayne was potentially someone she would be able to feed the ducks with.

But things took a decidedly downward turn towards the end of the wedding night, with Ksenia warning Wayne that he should sleep with one eye open.

Their honeymoon just went from bad to worse. From boring to badly dressed, Wayne copped more than his fair share of insults. And then there was The Barracuda Conversation.

In an unprecedented move, MAFS expert Dr Trisha Stratford has already called it: “It’s not going to work, they’re just going to implode,” she declared on Tuesday night’s episode.

While the couple has embarked on married life together back in Auckland, how much longer they will last?

We’ve compiled some of the couple’s defining moments. Watch our video, above.

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