MAFS NZ Episode 6 recap: the honeymoon’s not even over and one expert says one couple won’t work

Can you guess which one?
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We kick off this episode by going back to where we left off at the couple’s first dinner party on their honeymoons in Bali. Fraser is entertaining the table with his embarrassing life stories and Ottie declares that she likes him because he is exactly like her but in a conservative man’s body.

Ottie sets herself up as the “question master” and Dr Trisha thinks this is because Ottie is keen to gauge how the other couples are doing so she can compare them with herself and Gareth.

The questions are pretty boring though – do you know one another’s favourite colour, animal and number?

Dan catches Yuki’s attention from across the table and asks her if she is okay (our hearts melt) and Dr Trisha notes that Wayne is not looking very comfortable.

Actually Ksenia is not being very nice to Wayne again. A platter of fish is brought out and we’re taken right back to the awful barracuda conversation of the day before. Someone asks if it’s barracuda and Ksenia thinks this is hilarious and says her husband loves barracuda.

Fraser wants to know ‘does he really?’ and Wayne responds: “I f…g hate it.”

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It’s still boring question time with Ottie so Ksenia says she wants to know if Wayne can spell her name. Expert Tony Jones notes that she hasn’t said it in a very loving way.

The room goes quiet as Wayne shifts uncomfortably in his chair and squeaks out his first letters… K, S.

He’s actually giving this a go and we get comfy in our own chairs. After a pause he busts out his next letter, E, and then like a victorious fountain flowing forth N, I, A.

He did it.

New best friends Julia and Sam

So the next thing Sam and Julia are bonding over not feeling physically attracted to their partners and Tayler and Dave start squirming in their seats beside Wayne.

(And we are surprised by Sam because we thought he had moved past this.)

Ksenia finds out that all the other brides got presents on their wedding day and she didn’t so she’s salty. Wayne is gulping down wine.

The experts are concerned about these two and we’ve never seen this before but Dr Trisha calls it: “It’s not going to work, they’re just going to implode.”

She actually says that (and we know she’s right and someone actually needs to put Wayne out of his misery now).

Nek minute Ottie is asking everyone to write down a word on a piece of paper because she wants Gareth to “do something f…g awful to himself” and we find out the next morning that what she wants him to do is get the words tattooed on his body. He’s there in the tattoo parlour with her and the words include ‘dickhead’ and the longest German word Ottie can think of to cause maximum pain. The word means “not happily ever after”.

Ottie says Gareth has a great attitude and she laughs and laughs and laughs – because as you’ll remember they’re all about pushing boundaries and nothing is off limits.

Tayler faces his fear of the ocean with Sam by his side (and Julia and Dave too).

While Gareth is getting inked Sam and Tayler and Julia and Dave go snorkelling. Tayler overcomes his fear of the ocean with Sam by his side and there’s this moment on the boat where Sam rests his chin on Tayler’s shoulder and our hearts melt and we think ‘please, please work out’.

But Sam seems to be spending so much time with his new best friend Julia and we’re worried she’s distracting him from the reason he’s there.

Wayne takes Ksenia to play golf because he’s still hopeful they can find common ground and they actually have quite a giggly time but there’s still a lot of bickering which gets annoying.

Fraser and Monique go for a couples massage so that Monique can go over with Fraser again why it’s important to take things slow and Yuki and Dan go to a Hindu Kite Festival and talk about coming back to Bali because they love it so much. These two are so cute we just want to wrap them up and take them home.

There are much more interesting questions asked at this dinner party between Sam and Taylor and Dave and Julia.

After the snorkelling Sam and Tayler and Julia and Dave have the most interesting conversation with much better questions than ‘favourite colour, animal and number’.

Sam wants to know if Julia is prepared to move to Dunedin for Dave and then everybody wants to know if everybody else wants children. From Julia it’s a no to both questions and Dave looks defeated. We feel sorry for him.

The next day it’s time to head back to New Zealand and the couples fly home to move into their luxury Auckland apartments. Ksenia shuts the door in Wayne’s face and we’re not sure why he bothers following her in when she opens it up again.

He jokes that he wishes there was a manhole in the apartment that he could escape through and this is exactly what we mean, Wayne.

Tayler and Sam and Julia and Dave are back together again having drinks (they’re diluting the intensity of their relationships, the experts explain – couples often form foursomes when they’re having intimacy issues) and you can tell it’s starting to wear thin for Dave and Tayler. Sam and Julia use drinkies time as an opportunity to get their partners on board with sleeping in separate beds.

Dave confesses on camera that he’s not having an amazing time now.

“We’re spending time with a great couple, who we’ve made amazing friends with, but it’s almost like the time we’ve invested in doing that we need to be… can we do that by ourselves and create that fun and laughter?”

We roll into the next morning and learn that Yuki is a terrible snorer, Fraser makes a bad cup of tea and Ottie has Baileys on ice and toast for breakfast (well, on this morning she does). This is the beginning of individuals showing their true sides, the experts warn.

On Sunday we see more of the couples adjusting to daily life with one another.

Married At First NZ airs on Sundays at 7pm and continues Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm on THREE.

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